How is the Kalina-VAZ fuel filter replaced?

The quality of gasoline at our gas stations sometimes leaveswish for the best. It even happens that after a regular refueling in the car, the power drops noticeably, the engine suddenly stalls and the overclocking dynamics deteriorates. However, not always the reason can be bad gasoline. If during the last 30 thousand kilometers you have never changed the fuel filter, rest assured that it is the source of all problems. Today we will consider how the Lada-Kalina car is replaced with a fuel filter.

replacing fuel filter vases


Drive the car, first of all, to the pit. Since the filter on this machine is at the bottom, then we will have to work in the corresponding position. In a pinch, put it on the flyover. Then the fuel filter is replaced directly. "Kalina" before work should have a disconnected power plug from this part. To do this, you need to tilt the rear seat, open the fuel pump cover and remove the terminal block with wires. After that, we start the engine and wait until it stops. Often it takes not more than 15 seconds to wait. In some cases, not more than a minute.

Then we go to the fuel filter itself. On the car VAZ "Kalina" this part is fixed quite simply. Of all the fasteners, there is only one plastic clip. As for the power fittings, they are held on metal clamps. Therefore, in order to replace the fuel filter "Kalina" without any problems, squeeze the plastic clips and pull the fittings. Thus, we remove the fuel hoses and the filter from the fasteners. Then you can safely remove the clogged part. The photo shows two filters - on the left a new one, on the right - clogged.

freckle of a viburnum replacement of the fuel filter

How is the fuel filter ("Kalina-VAZ") replaced after dismantling the old one?

Now we move on to installing a new spare part. In fact, with this case, no difficulties should arise. But if you do not take into account the small detail - the direction of the arrow (we'll talk about it a little later), you can spoil the new part.

All modern filters have a smallarrow, painted in white. It shows the motorist the direction in which to install the structure. Also do not forget to look at this designation when connecting fuel hoses. The direction of the arrow should be exclusively towards the engine compartment, otherwise the replacement of the fuel filter ("Kalina") will be in vain. You again have to go to the autoshop for a new purchase.

replacement of a fuel filter of a viburnum
After we decided on all theyou can start the installation safely. This is done very quickly - to each end of the filter connects its fuel hose, and the body of the part is pressed against the locks. A short click is a sign that the replacement of the fuel filter of the VAZ Kalina passed without complications. The new part is securely fastened and you can go.


At this stage, the installation of a fuel filter on the domestic car VAZ "Kalina" can be considered complete.

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