Types of entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurial activity, depending on the object of application of capital and the results obtained, is divided into several types.

Types of entrepreneurship.

You can start with industrial enterprise. This type implies productioncertain goods, the provision of services and the implementation of works for their implementation to consumers. Depending on the type of main activity, industrial entrepreneurship is divided into agricultural, industrial, construction, etc. Large blocks of economic activity are further subdivided into smaller ones, accordingly, industrial enterprises can be distinguished, for example, machine tools, machine building, etc. And so for each branch of the economy.

The production view is fundamentalfor the national economy, since the production of goods and products of mass consumption is necessary for the state and its economic growth, not to mention various firms and households. Subjects of industrial entrepreneurship can produce almost all types of goods targeted at specific consumers. Consumers can be companies, people or the state. This type of entrepreneurial activity, of course, is associated with other species, but it is his development that directly affects the social level of the development of society.

Since it is not always equally advantageous to producegoods in one particular country, there is an international specialization of enterprises for the production of specific goods. If we consider the types of entrepreneurship in Russia, and more specifically, its production form, then almost half of the production and consumed goods are imported from other countries. The development of entrepreneurial activity in our country is very slow due to high taxes and duties, the risk of unrealized output.

Types of entrepreneurship also includecommercial-commercial type of business. In order for this species to develop successfully, there must necessarily be a steady demand for goods and a low purchase price. If the purchase price is low, then entrepreneurs reimburse trade costs and get a good profit. The level of risk of such entrepreneurial activity is relative, given that the main trade is organized by industrial goods, characterized by long-term use.

Continuing to consider types of entrepreneurship,it is worth mentioning also the financial and credit direction. This is a rather specific kind of entrepreneurial activity, since the subject of sale and purchase is not goods and services, but currency values, securities, etc. To serve this activity, there is a whole system of special organizations, such as banks, exchanges (currency, stock), financial and credit companies, etc. The state, constituent entities of the Russian Federation and other municipal entities can also act as an entrepreneur in the securities market.

Activity of financial and credit organizationsstrictly regulated by law at the state level, in addition to its own regulations and instructions. One of these laws clearly defines such concepts as financial organization, financial services market, financial services. There are several markets for financial services (securities, financial, banking and insurance services), which carry out this kind of entrepreneurial activity.

Some authors distinguish other types and types of entrepreneurship, but the above classification "Types of entrepreneurship" is used most often.

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