How to calculate the pregnancy calendar by yourself?

Every woman, when she learns about the offensivepregnancy, wishes to know the exact date of birth as soon as possible. For this it is very important to know, as accurately as possible, at what time it is already there. The attending physician-gynecologist also needs to know the duration of pregnancy in order to track all stages of fetal development and to timely identify any violations, if any.

calculate the date of birth

The gynecologist determines gestational age on several indicators. Firstly, this is the date of the last monthly period, the so-called "obstetric" method. Secondly, the indicators of ultrasound.

But how to calculate the calendar of pregnancyyourself? Any woman can do it at home. For this, there are several values ​​at once: the date of the last menstruation, the date of conception, the first fetal movement and the online calculator.

Determination of gestation by the last menstrual period

This way to calculate the gestational ageIt is universally accepted throughout the world and the simplest. To determine the term of your pregnancy on your own, it is necessary to count the number of weeks between the first day of the last menstruation and the date of the direct calculation. The received number of weeks will be the period of pregnancy.

According to the last monthly, incidentally, it is easy calculate the date of birth. For this it is necessary to take three months from the first day of menstruation and add seven days. This method is called in gynecology by the formula of Nehiel.

Calculation of gestational age by this methodsimple enough, but it is not very accurate. All dates received in this case are not definite. As a rule, this method gives a result for a couple of weeks less than the true.

Determining the length of pregnancy by the date of conception

The second way to determine your pregnancyrequires an accurate knowledge of the date of ovulation in women. Because conception occurs in the middle of the menstrual cycle, when a mature egg leaves the ovary. Within a day after this, conception may occur. The accuracy of this method of calculating pregnancy is determined by the regular cycle of menstruation. In the case of an irregular cycle, this method is not at all suitable, since it is extremely difficult to calculate the date of ovulation.

pregnancy Calendar

The moment of egg release can be determined byhelp special gynecological tests, which are sold in pharmacies, according to the results of ultrasound or in the home at basal temperature.

There are women who are easily identifiedovulation for well-being. On this day, they may have weakness, mild nausea, tenderness in the lower abdomen, profuse vaginal discharge and increased libido.

If it is not possible to determine exactly the date of ovulation, it will be impossible to determine the exact gestation period to within a week.

Determination of the gestational age for the first fetal movement

At the twentieth week a woman can feel the movements of her child. In the case of a second pregnancy, the perturbations begin already at the eighteenth week.

calculate the date of birth

That's when the movement was felt inside, so you can count twenty weeks (in the case of the second pregnancy, twenty-two weeks are counted) and it's enough to determine the date of birth precisely enough.

There is one "but" in this method of calculus. After all, the baby is still very small, and therefore the power of its stir is not always so bright and noticeable. Some mothers just do not notice the weak tremors of their child, and there are those who begin to feel them much earlier. Therefore, this calculation can be with an error of one week.

Determining the duration of pregnancy using the online calculator

Using the Internet, you can also calculate the timeher pregnancy. There is a site with a so-called online calculator, designed specifically for this. In the basis of his action, the method of calculation for the last menstruation is laid. To use such a calculator, you need to remember the date of your last menstruation, and also know the average duration of the cycle and the luteal phase. The calculator almost immediately gives the answer, after the introduction of this data.

As a conclusion, one can say that none of thethe above is not a 100% method, how to calculate the pregnancy calendar. But nevertheless, under certain conditions, many women determine their term precisely enough and calculate the date of birth. But, do not worry if you do not know and do not remember the date of your last menstruation and ovulation. The doctor will always be able to give you an answer to these questions more accurately.

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