How to calculate the day of conception - popular methods!

Now almost every married womancarefully prepares for pregnancy - gets rid of addictions, consults with qualified specialists who will tell you how to calculate the cycle of menstruation, and gives a whole range of various analyzes. Only after passing the examination, the spouses begin to prepare for the conception of the baby. They, as a rule, are already ready for the appearance of a small "lump", so they are impatiently waiting for the long-awaited and carefully planned pregnancy.

how to calculate the day of conception
How to calculate the day of conception?

The fertile period lasts only a few dayseach of the months. It is this time that is considered the most favorable and probable for the conception of the baby. Within twenty-four to forty-eight hours after the ovulation process, the probability of fertilization of the egg is maximal. How to calculate the day of conception? In practice, there are several methods. It is most preferable to use two or more of them to determine the most fertile day. Often in most women of childbearing age, ovulation occurs approximately two weeks before the onset of menstrual bleeding. Therefore, with a regular and steady-state cycle, you can easily calculate the approximate date of onset of ovulation for a couple of months in advance.

How to calculate the day of conception with the help of the graph of the change in the "basal" temperature

how to calculate the day of birth

To measure rectal temperature is necessary in oneand the same time every morning. Do not get out of bed. The data must be entered in the table and based on the data, a graph should be plotted. Doing such manipulations for several months, you can see a certain pattern. The temperature in the first half of each cycle is kept at around 37 degrees, after it falls by about 0.5 degrees, and then sharply increases to 37.5. The time of ovulation is at a certain point between the temperature drop and its rise. In other words, at the moment of its recession it is necessary to start resolute actions!

How to calculate the day of conception - tests for ovulation

Such tests fairly accurately react to the releasea hormone called luteinizing. Its release occurs about a day before the onset of ovulation. These tests must be carried out daily throughout the day (from ten in the morning to eight in the evening). You should start from the seventh to the tenth day of the cycle. Two strips on the test for the determination of ovulation mean its rapid approximation. It is worth noting that the brighter they are and more expressive, the faster your hour will come.

how to calculate the cycle of monthly
How to calculate the day of conception - signals of the female body

Many of the women are so sensitive that they can determine the time of approaching ovulation, using the signals sent by the body.

This can be manifested in the following: general minor malaise, pain in the lower abdomen, as well as an increase in mucocutaneous vaginal discharge. Good results can give and ultrasound of the ovaries, which is carried out in the middle of the cycle.

Do you want a baby? You have everything ahead! In this it is necessary to believe, then your dream will certainly come true. And soon you will learn information about how to calculate the day of childbirth. Easy pregnancy for you and your upcoming delivery!

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