On what week can you determine the sex of the child - a question that worries all moms

The question of what week it is possible to determinesex of the child, worries many women. However, do not rush with this. Until the 8th week of development, the fetus still does not know what sex it will be. Finally, sexual symptoms are formed by week 12. At this time, usually make the first ultrasound, but do not expect that you will name the exact gender of your baby. The embryo is very small.

Term for sex determination

on what week you can determine the sex of the child

The second ultrasound, which is done in the period 23 - 25weeks, already allows you to examine the genitals. Sometimes a child lies in such a position that it is quite problematic to look at his gender. If a specialist has extensive experience, he will wait until the baby moves, and determine the sex of your child. Find out what week you can determine the sex of the child, will allow 3D research. Its cost is high enough, but at the end of the procedure you will learn not only the sex of your baby, but also receive a touch of pictures of the baby in your tummy as a gift. One of the guaranteed methods of sex determination is a chorionic biopsy. It can be done at 7 to 10 weeks of pregnancy. From the uterus a thin needle takes its contents, and then it is examined in the laboratory. After studying the chromosome set, you can say who will be: a boy or a girl. However, this is quite dangerous. Such an analysis is recommended only if there is a risk of violations of the child's development. Quite often, miscarriages occur in such a study.

Determine the sex of the child by popular signs

on what week the sex of the child is determined

So, you already know, on what week you candetermine the sex of the baby! Very soon you will become a mom and a dad! Whom should we expect? You can just go to the ultrasound. However, it happens that this procedure is prohibited for medical reasons. But do not despair, because there are people's signs on the sex of the child. This includes the state of health and appearance of the woman. You suffer from severe toxicosis - then wait for the boy. For this sign there is a real physiological basis - bearing the essence of the opposite sex is a more difficult and painful task. You are drawn to sour, meat and salted - a boy will be born. You always want sweet, baked and fruit - you can expect a little princess. Women who wear girls almost never face toxicosis. You are always cold - wait for the girl. To you, on the contrary, all the time is hot and stuffy - a boy will probably be born. You have a sharp start to grow hair on your legs - there will be a boy. You already know on what week the sex of the child is determined, so pay attention to the shape of the belly and the behavior of the baby. Your tummy is pointy - you have a boy, a rounded - a girl. The kid always beats you on the liver - it's a girl, the boy is tapping on the bladder.

signs on the floor of the child
The future mother tries all the time to hide herpregnancy - a girl will be born, and if she shows her tummy to everyone - the boy. You always sleep on your left side - there will be a boy. Surrounding men you are very annoying - wait for the girl. The whole pregnancy you have a great mood - wait for the boy, bad - for the girl. You already know, on what week you can determine the sex of the child and how to do it. Therefore, listen to yourself, and you will certainly understand who will be born soon.

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