Mosquito bites in children: what to smear

mosquito bites in children than smear
With the arrival of warm days, we are more and more timewe spend in the open air. It is during this period that parents often face such a problem as mosquito bites in children. Than to smear awful red blisters if your kid still absolutely krosha?

Surely you already noticed that the majorityfunds from mosquitoes, sold in a pharmacy, are recommended for children from one and a half years. Nevertheless, annoying insects bite your favorite child much earlier than this age. Skin crumbs are so tender that even if the mosquito did not have time to suck the blood, from the most insignificant bite anyway bloated a huge red stain. It does not heal for a long time and at the same time terribly itches. A mosquito bite in a child may not pass for several weeks, and sometimes even causes an allergy. This question should be approached seriously and consult with a doctor.

In some cases, it is also necessary to treat mosquito bites in children. Many

treatment of mosquito bites in children
mummies always have the means "Fenistilgel, which quickly removes redness, swelling and relieves itching, but, of course, you do not want to poison your beloved child with medications, so you can use other means when there are mosquito bites in children.

Than to smear the swelled up place when near at hand anythingnot available? The leaves of sorrel, which grow even in the field, will cope well with this task. It is enough to grind one leaf in your hands to make up the juice, and to spread redness. It will seem surprising, but the unpleasant sensation will disappear almost instantly, and the itch will stop, although the bite itself will still heal. You can use leaves of plantain in the same way, if there is wound or mosquito bites in children. Than to smear the baby with different chemistry, it is probably better to try natural remedies that cope with their tasks no worse than gels and creams.

Another excellent folk remedy is foodsoda, which quickly neutralizes mosquito bites in children. What to smear a red spot, if it does not last long? Of course, you probably remember how mothers applied a cotton swab dipped in a weak soda solution to the place of bite. It does not smell, does not burn and does not cause any inconvenience to the child, so that the baby will not resist using it.

mosquito bite in a child
But, as you know, it is better to prevent the problem,than then fight it. Flowers tansy frighten off insects, including mosquitoes. If your child does not have allergies, then try to make him beads or a bracelet from her inflorescences. Vanillin is another effective remedy for insects. It is necessary to dilute one sachet in a glass of water and sprinkle it on the baby. This solution quickly erodes, so it will have to be applied quite often; and you still need to use vanillin, and not vanilla sugar.

When your child is sleeping on the street, be sure to use a mosquito net, which is also desirable to sprinkle with a vanillin solution or "decorate" with tansy.

We hope that you will save the crumbs from such trouble as mosquito bites.

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