We celebrate the Day of the Medical Worker: the script is prepared in advance

So, let's prepare the Day of Medical Worker. The scenario of the celebration is prepared, naturally, in advance. It should be individually tailored for each professional team. The fact is that regardless of the size of the medical team, each has its own traditions, habits, personalities, and so on. The life of the medical institution is very original, it is the echoes of the profession associated with the responsibility for someone else's life.

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Day of the medical worker: a scenario for a large team

A large group is distinguished by the fact thatWithin it there are several small, cohesive groups. For such a large staff of staff is usually prepared only for the solemn part. This is an official event, with all its attributes. During the celebration, his head, representatives of the local government, deputies are obligatory. Also, some employees are rewarded with badges or memorable gifts. Advice: rewarding by letters or other signs should be prepared approximately three months prior to a celebration as it is connected with registration of a plenty of documents in the state instances. In the scenario of celebrating the Day of Medical Worker

scenario day health worker
it is desirable to include congratulationsretired physicians, who worked for a long time in this institution, inviting them to a celebration. You can give the floor to one of the most experienced veterans. So the person will be given due respect, and the youth will receive invaluable experience.

Day of the medical worker: a scenario for a modest team

The case where a small number ofworkers is much easier. Usually there are warm friendly relations in it, there is no division into "interests" groups. Here you can combine the solemn part with the "unofficial". At the same time, it is recommended not to back away from the accepted rules and to give the leadership of the institution the opportunity to make congratulations and encouragements at the very beginning of the holiday. So "the most interesting" will not be missed by all members of the team. When, on the other hand, should we emphasize the well-deserved merits of excellent workers, how, not on a professional holiday, is the Day of the Medical Worker? The script is drawn up so that the official does not prevent people from relaxing. If it is better for large groups to organize a concert or other performance, then the warm and friendly staff of a small institution will entertain themselves in a state. This creative enthusiasm should only be directed to the right track.

scenario of celebrating the day of a medical worker

Do not forget about humor and original talents

Each team has its own "stars"be sure to include their performances in the script. The Day of Medical Worker of 2013 was the 33rd similar holiday. Since he was founded in 1980. This can be played out in a peculiar way. As you know, the thirty-triennial is considered the age of Christ, a special period of wisdom and maturity. So, medicine has finally passed the line, after which it is already able to perform miracles, and not "chudit" as before. Due to the special moral tension of all medical personnel, the atmosphere of constant responsibility in which he has to work daily, it is recommended that the script be saturated with light humor associated with real persons working in the team. Let everyone hear something pleasant about themselves, so the holiday will turn into a real show of professionals deserving universal recognition.

We invite guests

It is clear that patients will not forget about their doctorson a holiday. But also for the solemn event it is desirable to invite those who can "shed the balm" of gratitude in the souls of doctors. People who constantly hear only patients' complaints will be pleased to feel their usefulness in simple and heartfelt expressions of congratulations.

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