Calculation of ovulation per month. Features of the method and recommendations of doctors

Organism of the fairer sexis a complex, confusing system. Every month, the woman's body changes. They may not be noticeable to others, but they are rather strongly felt by the most representative of the weaker sex.

This article will tell you about how the calculation of ovulation by monthly. You will find out why such manipulations are being made, and you will be able to find out the doctors' opinion on this matter.

calculation of ovulation by monthly

Calculation of ovulation for monthly

Why does a woman need to find out the dateovulation? Let's say right away, most of the fairer sex are trying to speed up conception in this way. After all, a woman has special fertile days throughout the cycle. Other ladies use the so-called calendar method of protection from pregnancy. For this purpose they need to make the calculation of ovulation by monthly.

Menstrual cycle

For one month a woman's cyclepasses from one phase to another. First (immediately after the end of bleeding), the follicular phase begins. At this stage, a dominant follicle is formed, which is growing. By the beginning of the ovulatory phase, this formation reaches its maximum and under the action of a change in hormones bursts.

After this, the phase of the yellow body begins orprogesterone. Some people call it luteal. During this period, the woman's further condition is determined. With the onset of pregnancy, the cycle goes into the fourth phase. If conception does not occur, then menstruation begins, and everything is repeated anew.

calculation of ovulation by month and sex of the child

How to calculate the date of ovulation on a monthly basis?

In order to know the exact timeovum from the ovary and determine the beginning of fertile days, it is necessary to have a stable cycle. Doctors say that this period can be short, medium and long. However, it is very important that the menstruation be regular. Otherwise, you will not be able to accurately determine the moment of rupture of the follicle.

To make a calculation, you need to take a pen,calendar and remember the dates of the beginning of their last menstruation. Usually it takes from three to six cycles. Many women conduct so-called diaries, which indicate all the cycles. If you do the same, then the task will be much simpler. So, before you start calculating ovulation for a month, you need to find out the average duration of the cycle. To do this, add the length of the period from the beginning to the beginning of the month for the last three times. After that, divide the number of days received by 3. For more accurate information, use a period of six months and divide the total by 6. After that, find out if you have a long, short or medium cycle.

Average statistical values

Most women receive just such data. Calculation of ovulation per month is the simplest. If the duration of your cycle is 28 days, then ovulation will come about 14-16 days.

As is known, the phase of the yellow body lasts not less than10, but not more than 14 days. So from 28 take this amount of time. Use additional methods of determining ovulation to obtain more accurate values.

calculation of ovulation per month for an irregular cycle

Long and short cycle

Calculate ovulation for the last month withlong or short cycle is somewhat more complicated. Doctors say that the norm is the length of the female period for a period of 21 to 35 days. The length of the luteal phase does not change in this case.

  • In women with a short cycle, ovulation occurs approximately 7-10 days. This means that fertile days begin immediately after the end of menstruation.
  • Representatives of the weaker sex with a long cycle have ovulation usually on 17-21 days.

Irregular menstruation

Calculation of ovulation per month for irregularcycle is practically impossible. Often the cause of failure is the lack of luteal phase. In this case, it can last from 5 to 10 days. As you understand, guess the time of release of the ovum from the ovary in this situation is almost impossible. Such manipulation can not even be carried out by a specialist.

In an unstable cycle, other methods for determining fertile days are used. This ultrasound diagnosis, test systems, blood tests, measurement of body temperature and so on.

Calculation of the ovulation date by monthly

What do the doctors say?

Many couples are trying to figure out the time of releaseovules for planning the birth of a boy or girl. Experts say that the calculation of ovulation for a month and a child's sex can indeed be interrelated. However, it is necessary to determine as precisely as possible the day of rupture of the follicle and to observe the terms of sexual contacts.

Doctors recommend making similar calculationsif desired, become pregnant. If you know the timing of your dangerous days, then you are more likely to conceive a baby. However, gynecologists strongly do not recommend using the calendar method of contraception. Every tenth woman in a hundred who uses this method in practice turns out to be pregnant. At the same time, less than half refuse to abort.

calculate ovulation for the last monthly


As it became clear, calculate ovulation byMenstruation is possible only with a regular and stable cycle. Note that the spontaneous arrival of menstruation for a long time is the reason for contacting a doctor. Irregular monthly not only does not allow to make the described calculation, but also significantly worsen the quality of life of the fairer sex. Watch your health, do not be ill!

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