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Points Wayfarer for half a century are at the peakpopularity. This is the most popular model in the world. And yet - the most common forgery. Learn "Vufarer" can, that is called, a verst: a plastic frame, a trapezoidal lens with a rounded bottom edge. But the great Ray-Ban, the manufacturer of glasses, does not tolerate monotony and boredom, so it pleases fans with all sorts of updates almost every year.

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Classics of the genre

Classic "Vuifari" - this is the Original2140. If you look closely, you can see the marking "Hand Made", located on the inner surface of the bow. Each model of glasses is really made using manual work, which gives the manufacturer the right to put such a stigma and partially causes a fairly high price.

Historical reference

The first Wayfarer glasses appeared in 1952. Their name turned out to be prophetic - they have been traveling all over the world for half a century. It is curious that initially they did not think at all as a doroguschy accessory. On the contrary, their plastic frame was designed to reduce the price, because in those days, mostly horn and metal glasses were produced, which were quite expensive. In 1985 Ray Ban's Wayfarer glasses won the prestigious American Design Council Award, thanks to a significant contribution to the improvement and development of American fashion. His "second birth" "Vufarer" survived in 1999, when the trademark Ray Ban was bought by the Italian company Luxottica Group. Every year the Wayfarer collection is replenished with new models, however the recognizable classic style of Ray Ban remains unchanged.

Star Support

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Initially, the Wayfarer (sunny) glasses became famousit is their plastic body. After all, at that time it was just innovation. But in the unpretentious design of this accessory there was something more than a new idea. The popularity of this form of glasses was greatly facilitated by the location of celebrities. "Rayon's Vaifares" have been accompanying the inhabitants of the magical country of Hollywood almost everywhere for half a century: in everyday life, on fashion shows, on vacations, and, of course, at work - in the cinema.

Wayfarer Glasses - Celebrity Photos

Glamorous Peris Hilton and the refined beautyAudrey Hepburn, the ageless Jack Nicholson and the ever-young Michael Jackson, Tom Cruise, Rob Pattinson, Julia Roberts ... Continue the stellar list indefinitely. She loved this form of Marilyn Monroe's frame, and John Lennon was not indifferent to them. "Even the former president John Kennedy" lit up "in the" Vufarerah ".

Wayfarer glasses on the screen

Fans of the movie calculated that the "Vufarer"filmed in more than a hundred cult series and films. That there are only "People in black"! And besides, "Sex and the City", "Batman", "Excellent Light Worker" and many other pictures.

sunglasses wayfarer photo

The original of Ray Ban - distinctive features

There are many criteria by which it is easy to distinguish a fake:

  1. The real Ray Ban will not cost less than 100 euros - neither for stock, nor for sale! Do not give in to the promises of sellers who are convinced otherwise.

  2. The original is always sold in its entirety: with a leather case, a napkin and a box.

  3. The arms of the glasses are plastic, but in daylight you can see that the metal bases are inside the shackles.

  4. On the inner surface of the left lens there is an almost imperceptible engraving "RB".

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