How to choose sunglasses round men's and women's

Sunglasses are round, rectangular, oval andothers have long been not only a means of protecting our eyes from the bright rays of the sun, but also an integral part of the image. A simple accessory can dramatically change the appearance. They can emphasize the dignity and smooth the flaws of the person. They are worn not only on a hot summer day. Round sunglasses (photo in the text) perfectly complement scenic images of popular variety artists.

sunglasses round


Sunglasses of any shape and size servefirst of all for the reliable protection of the human eye. When choosing, it is worth paying attention not only to how they "sit on your face", but also on the quality of the product. Brand models of well-known manufacturers have all the marks on them. The UV400 icon indicates that the lens has a very high degree of UV protection (the minimum allowed value is UV380).

The digital marking on the packaging will tell you what level of protection from the bright sun they can provide:

  • 0 - the lens transmits up to 80% of the sunlight;
  • 1 - from 40% to 80%;
  • 2 - from 18% to 43%, the optimal figure for an ordinary sunny day;
  • 3 - from 8% to 18%;
  • 4 - from 3% to 8%, an excellent choice for active beach recreation and bright snow.
    round sunglasses photo

Another criterion is the color of the lenses:

  • To protect against purple and blue rays, dark brown lenses are best suited;
  • yellow reinforce the contrast, they are popular among motorists;
  • purple and pink lenses are cute, but completely impractical, protection is zero;
  • mirror protects the eyes well, but requires careful attitude, any scratch can cause deterioration of visibility;
  • gray and green protect from the sun, they do not distort colors.


Sunglasses can be very different. Modelers come up with incredible shapes of lenses and gladly experiment with the color and type of frames. But for many decades, if we may say so, classical forms have emerged:

  • "Cat's Eye". They are distinguished by a wide horn frame. The upper corners have a pointed shape. Such models are very popular with women. As a species, there is a "dragonfly", with large lenses, square or round.
  • "Broulayner." First appeared in the United States of America in the middle of the twentieth century. Feature - a thickening in the upper part of the frame. Perfectly suited to business suits and absolutely do not look with sports or denim clothes.
  • "The Tisheys." This includes sunglasses round. Thin wire rim and small round lenses serve as a fashion accessory rather than full protection from the sun.
    Sunglasses Round Mens
  • "The Aviators." One of the most popular models. And this is not surprising: they are suitable for all types of face. They got their name because the model was originally designed for pilots. As a rule, the metal frame frames large, specially stretched lenses. Excellent protect the eyes from sunlight, regardless of the angle of their fall.
  • Sports glasses. The end of the last century was marked by the appearance on the screens of the trilogy "Matrix". The film played an important role in the popularization of the sporty model of a streamlined form. Such were the characters of the movie. Can represent a single lens, curved in a semicircle, in a thin plastic frame. Are convenient for playing sports.
  • "Vaivarera". Trapezoidal shape of the lens, expand upward. Rim horny or plastic.

Type of face

The shape and size that will fit, directly depend on the type of person, whether it be a woman or a man. There are several types of face. And the ideal form is considered to be an oval. Is there some more:

  • a circle;
  • triangle (heart);
  • an inverted triangle;
  • elongated;
  • square;
  • rectangle;
  • rhombus.
    sunglasses for the round face photo

Conditionally, the forms of the face are divided into two main groups: rounded - soft, and angular - sharp. The shape of the frame is important. It presupposes:

  • Contrast (with a face): distract attention from its shortcomings.
  • Proportionality: too broad a frame ugly protrudes beyond the contours of the face, a small one - violates its proportions.

The main task of the frame is to complement the person and hide his shortcomings.

Type of face - frame shape

Depending on the type of person, the appropriate accessories are selected:

  • Oval. Ideal, it is suitable for all types of frames.
  • Stretched. In this case, it can be adjusted by a frame that is slightly wider than the face, large and bulky. The temples should be low-clamped.
  • Square. Well-looking frames will look good or with soft rounded shapes. Sunglasses round are an excellent choice for this type.
  • Triangular. Perfectly symmetrical frame of rounded or oval shape: "butterfly", "aviator" - any color.
  • Round. Sunglasses for a round face should be rectangular in shape. Any color of the frame will do. The corners perfectly smooth out the excessive roundness of the face.
    round sunglasses for women

Round for round

As they just do not call: "Grandmother's glasses", "botanists", "glasses for the blind". Nevertheless, round sunglasses are constantly found in our lives. Fashion on them then quietly comes to naught, then flashes with renewed vigor. This detail was often used in the cinema. Such glasses were worn by the cat Basilio, Pan Panikovsky, Harry Potter, Poirot. In life, the most famous owner of round glasses is John Lennon. In the 60s of the last century they were a symbol of the hippies.

Round female sunglasses can becomeA great addition to the general style. Small or large, with colored glass, with an original or classic frame. The choice is very great, for every taste and purse.

Sunglasses for the round face (photo - scheme intext) of the same form is not the best choice. The most suitable products with a rectangular frame. It is important that it was made of colored plastic or horny, without decorative elements. A thin metal frame will not look good on the round face. Glasses of a wide form will allow to disguise its completeness. In addition to round, do not fit chubby beauties and square glasses.

sunglasses for a round face

The color of the lens is not important. They can be light or dark, of any shade. When choosing an accessory to a round face, the shape of the frame plays the decisive role: angular contours and wide, low lenses are the most suitable option.


Buying a product, including sunglasses round, it is worth paying attention to the following points:

  • degree of eye protection;
  • Impact strength of lenses;
  • color of lenses;
  • quality of optics;
  • comfort of the frame (their weight and ease of wearing);
  • style (you can always choose an accessory that meets the requirements of modern fashion);
  • adequate cost.

Some observations

When buying glasses, pay attention to the following nuances:

  • nosopori will be able to visually balance the facial features with a small nose bridge;
  • well and correctly selected sunglasses do not cover the female eyebrows (either flush with the eyebrow line, or below);
  • "Aviators" are preferably worn with appropriate clothing - sports or military;
  • sunglasses round men's funny will look at the low people;
  • round glasses look good with such hairstyles as quads, loose hair, luxurious curls.
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