How to calculate the sex of the child? The child's sex by ultrasound

Every woman wants to have her baby. Most of the sex of the unborn child is not so important, it will still be a part of the mother, to whom the love of the parents will be given. However, some moms and dads try very hard to plan everything and therefore are asking themselves how to calculate the sex of the child. This can be due to various factors. First, just a strong desire to have a child of a particular sex. Secondly, the need to become pregnant only by a girl or only a boy can be due to the genetic characteristics of the parents or the development of possible anomalies. Thirdly, most often the couple already have one or several children of the same sex, and for completeness of family happiness, one wants to calculate who will be, in advance.

how to calculate a child's sex

Whatever the reason why pregnant womenwomen are interested in the sex of the future child, they always resort to various methods of determining it in advance. But no method can be reliable in the early stages of pregnancy. At later times, the result of a planned ultrasound may bring joy to or upset a future mother.

Medicine can even do this

When the specific sex of the baby depends on ithealth, do not take risks. It is better to turn to specialists for help. Modern medicine allows you to plan the sex of the child at the time of conception. This method will be quite expensive. Physicians divide spermatozoa into "male" and "female". Thus, the sex of the future child will be known in advance.

Women take an egg, whichsperm are planted. After that, a number of embryos are grown, of which only those in which there is no hereditary gene are selected. Several selected embryos are inserted into the womb by the IVF method. Sometimes it takes a few tries to get pregnant.

The date of conception can also say a lot

It is possible to become pregnant only in days of ovulation, eachthe girl knows it. Therefore, many carefully calculate them. But not everyone knows how to calculate the sex of the child by the date of conception. Spermatozoa live for about 4 days. Moreover, the carriers of the male chromosome live much less than the carriers of the female chromosome. That is why it should be taken into account that the closer to sexual intercourse occurs, the greater the chance of becoming pregnant with a boy. If the future mother is attuned to a girl, then it is necessary to have sex 3 days before the maturation of the egg.

sex of the unborn child

Based on the results of ultrasound

Every pregnant woman must havepass all routine examinations, including ultrasound examination of the fetus. In early terms, the child's sex by ultrasound can be determined as early as week 12. Although on old devices on screening, most often can only make an assumption about who will be born in a few months. Despite all the modern equipment used by doctors, it is very easy to make a mistake in determining the sex of the child.

child's sex by ultrasound

On screening, the sex of the baby is determined bycalculating the distance and the angle between the left kidney and the pelvic bone, since the genital organs will form a little later. It is more likely to find out who is going to be born at 16-22 weeks, and only if the baby closes and does not turn his back.

Does the diet affect the sex of the baby?

Experts argue that, adhering toa specific diet, you can plan the sex of the baby. Before conception follows not less than 3 months there are certain products not only for the future mother, but for her husband too. The reliability of this method is only 70%.

pregnancy child sex
If you want a boy, you should eat as much meat, fruits, potatoes and mushrooms as possible. It is necessary to exclude from the diet all dairy products.

To conceive a girl, one should eat more vegetables, sweets, cottage cheese, milk, etc. But it is better to refuse meat and fruits.

If you have come the long-awaitedpregnancy, the sex of the child can be determined by products that are given a greater preference. You should simply analyze what you eat more often and in larger quantities, and make an appropriate prediction. The reliability of this method is only 40%.

On the renewal of blood

Our parents also wondered howcalculate the sex of the child for blood renewal. It is believed that young women become young blood every 3 years, and in men - every 4. With a negative Rh factor in women, everything happens vice versa. Proceeding from this, when calculating the sex of the baby, the age of each of the spouses should be divided by as much, for how long the blood is renewed.

by the blood of the child's sex

For example, the future mother of 23 years, and a man 32.

23: 3 = 7.6.

32: 4 = 8.0.

At the man the rest is more, means, at such pair there will be a girl.

If a woman is older than her husband in the family, then this method will be irrelevant, and the sex of the child can not be calculated by blood.

Blood type

This method can be called a little ridiculous. Each couple can have children of different sex, which is why the blood type of parents will mostly affect only who will be born to them first.

If the mother has IV blood group, and the future father: I - a boy will be born, II - a girl, III - a boy, IV - a girl. The results will be similar if the woman has a second blood group.

But with the I and III blood group of the mother, the calculation of the sex of the child will be completely opposite.

If the rhesus of the mother and father are different, then the chance to become pregnant with a boy is much higher than that of parents with the same Rh factor.

Popular methods for determining the sex of a toddler

There are a lot of folk methods. Using them, you can learn how to calculate the sex of the child, both before his conception, and in the first days of pregnancy. With severe toxicosis, most girls are born. Also, the daughter should wait if every day of pregnancy, mom loses her beauty (hair falls out, rashes and pimples appear, skin becomes dry and pale), as if she gives it to a future beauty.

If the pregnant pulls on salted cucumbers and meat, there is no toxicosis at all, and my mother becomes more beautiful every day - there will be a boy.

In late pregnancy, the older generation judges who will be born, according to the shape of the abdomen. If he is sharp and sticks out forward - the boy, if the round and spreads to the sides - a girl.

It is believed that the older a man, the less likely that he will have a daughter.

These are only the most common methods,how to calculate the sex of the child. None of them will give a future mother a 100% response. Even the result of ultrasound at a later date can sometimes be erroneous. Therefore, choose for yourself what is closer to you, and listen to your heart, it will tell you.

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