How to recognize and treat lichen in dogs

Lishay in dogs (trichophytosis), unfortunately,A fairly frequent phenomenon, especially in the summer months. And this unpleasant disease can hit not only homeless animals, but also quite well-groomed pets. The thing is in the fungus Microsporium, which causes the disease. You can pick it up for a walk in the park, when communicating with unaccompanied animals or when swimming in an open reservoir in the warm season.

Lishay in dogs

Fungus settles on the dog's skin and beginsactively multiply. Often because of the wool, it is not possible to recognize the disease in the early stages. As the fungus grows on the skin of dogs, spots of circular shape appear, the diameter of one spot is 1.5-3 cm. It has a flat edge with a rim of bubbles, inside a spot of pink or crimson color, and actively scaly. Wool on the affected areas as it breaks off at the base, because of this feature, lichens in dogs are also called ringworm. Such lichen spots can be several, and they arise on any part of the body: on the muzzle, paws, flanks, but more often on the ears and neck. On the question of how to cure a lichen in a dog quickly and painlessly, only an experienced veterinarian will answer.

If you find suspiciousstains, take them to the vet. The doctor will carry out a diagnosis for the presence of the Microsporum on the skin and wool of animals. The examination is carried out with the help of fluorescent diagnostics, when the wool is inspected with a special lamp, and the dogs take a scraping from the affected areas. If the lichens in dogs are confirmed, the veterinarian will explain how to cure them.

How to cure a lichen in a dog

The cause of the disease can bebanal weakening of immunity. In this case, the necessary measure will be the administration of antifungal drugs, such as "Mycoderm" or "Polivac". These drugs are a vaccine that affects the fungus, destroying it. Often together with the vaccine, the doctor prescribes antiallergic drugs. After the introduction of the first dose of the vaccine, there may be a deterioration in the condition of the animals: the lichens in dogs progress, the number of spots increases. This should not frighten, relief will come with consistent treatment.

How to treat lichen in a dog

In passing, consult a doctor forHow to treat lichen in a dog externally. Usually around the spot is cut hair, the affected areas with the capture of healthy wool are treated with antifungal agents. To maintain the general immunity of the dog, he is prescribed immunostimulants and vitamins. The master's task is to provide adequate nutrition for the period of treatment with the inclusion of all the necessary trace elements in food.

Treatment of a dog from a lichen takes about 4-6weeks, after which it will be necessary to conduct a repeated diagnosis in the veterinary clinic. To prevent people and other animals from getting infected, during the treatment it is necessary to spend a complete disinfection of the sleeping place, dishes, toys and leash of the animal, to provide daily cleaning of the apartment with the use of detergents. It is desirable, if possible, to isolate the diseased animal from the healthy.

In time to detect lichen in dogs can help preventive examinations every three months, special collars, vaccination.

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