How to determine the sex of a child without uzi: a review of methods

There are many methods with which you can not only determine the sex of the child without ultrasound, but also immediately conceive, depending on your desire, either a boy or a girl.

How to plan a child's sex on the day of conception

We all know that the conception of a new life can happen in a month only once, on the day of ovulation, which occurs around the middle of the menstrual cycle.

Male cells, spermatozoa, are divided into 2 types: men who move fairly quickly, but soon die, and women who, compared to men, are very tenacious, but they move more slowly.

Hence the conclusion that those who really wantboy, love should be done clearly on the day of ovulation or just a few days after it. And if you really want to give birth to a girl, then for conception you need to choose, on the contrary, the day preceding ovulation. This interval is determined by measuring the basal temperature, a decrease in which indicates a rapid ovulation.

Determining the sex of the unborn child according to the menstrual cycle

The way is not such a complicated arithmeticyou can find out the dowry of what color, blue or pink, you will soon have to cook. True, it is suitable provided there is a stable menstrual cycle for several months. In practice, it is clear that if you have made the process of conception of days 11-12 before the arrival of menstruation, then you will have a boy. Sexual acts, committed for 13-14 days, promise you a girl. But still find out if you made a mistake in the calculation or if you found everything right, you can only after the birth of the long-awaited baby.

How to determine the sex of a child's future diet

This technique is concluded that approximatelya couple of months before the planned conception, the future mom and dad begin to follow a diet. If before the day of conception you will eat a lot of products such as meat, mushrooms or potatoes, then you can have a boy. And if you, on the contrary, will eat mostly fruits and vegetables, dairy products and all sorts of sweets, then a girl. This method is effective by 80%.

How to calculate the sex of a child by the blood of his parents

If you know the approximate day of conception of yourchild, you will be able to find out his sex by the method of blood renewal. This method is concluded that if a man's blood is younger at the time of conception, then a boy will appear, and if a woman's blood is younger, then a girl. Since a woman's blood renewal takes place 3 years 1 time, and a man has 1 time in 4 years, on the day of conception the total age of a woman should be divided by 3, and the total age of a man by 4. And whose result is less than that sex the child is born.

How to determine the sex of a child without ultrasound by the number of years a woman lived

This theory of the answer to the question: "Who will: girl or boy? "is pretty bold. According to her, the sex of the child can be calculated by an even or an odd number of years lived by a woman. So, if the woman at the time of pregnancy planning is an even number of years, then the months that are favorable for the conception of the girl will be odd - February, April, etc., and if the odd number, then the even months - January, March, etc., vice versa , will be favorable for the conception of the boy. This phenomenon often works, but it still does not give any explanation.

How to determine the sex of a child without ultrasound in the frequency with which the fetus heart beats

This method is popular withgynecologists and rarely gives errors. If the fetal heart beat exceeds 140 beats per minute, then there will be a girl, and if the heart rate is less than 140 beats per minute - the boy.

How to determine the sex of a child without ultrasound in the ancient Chinese table

Using this table, which can be easilyfound on the Internet, it will be easy for you to plan the birth of a child of the sex you want. If you know in which month the birth of a boy is expected (the symbol in the table is the letter "M") or the girl (the letter "D"), then you can plan the time of conception of the child in advance. Also, you can determine according to the horoscope the sign of the zodiac and the constellation under which your child will be born. To some extent, this will help determine his character and destiny.

So we looked at the various ways thatwill help you to answer the question: "How to determine the sex of a child without ultrasound?" Well, in order to plan the sex of the future baby, you can choose any of them or use all at once. We wish you that the result of any of the above methods is exactly what you expect.

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