How many months can baby go to bed?

Young moms, seeing the advertisement of thismiracle helper, often puzzle over this question: how many months of walker can a baby? However, first you need to decide whether your child needs this device at all. We will try to figure out whether there is any benefit from them or not.

with how many months of walker
In baby walkers the baby is longer than usual, standing ontiptoe, because for the forward movement he needs to rest on the floor with his toes. In this position, he has no chance to work out the correct setting of the feet.

But all the same - with how many months of walkers you canTo the kid? It is better to start applying them later, after 7 months, because to move forward the child is forced to lean chest against their edges, and does not learn to keep his body in balance. As a result, he will not be able to stand standing for a long time.

The child does not get very important for himexperience to move independently. Also, he does not learn to keep his balance in time, to stand and go on without any help. But all this he must do at a certain age, and in this situation, as if a belated reaction.

with how many months use the walker
With how many months the walker can be used withoutthreats to the health of the baby? Without them, a child usually learns to go down to the floor rather quickly. He flexes his legs in the knees and hip joint time after time and, balancing, finally finds a balance. Parents watch their baby get up, sit down and do it again and again. Constantly repeating similar movements, he begins to be independent.

How many months do you use walkers? You can start with eight months, if the baby is already quite independent. But it is necessary to alternate when he tries to move himself and in them. Walkers, as a rule, fix the child at a constant height, and this prevents him from bending and unbending his legs in his knees.

A kid who learns to walk alone, everythingtime grasps something in search of support, keeps and begins to feel more confident. So, a step by step, he moves, for example, along the sofa, clutching at him with his hands.

To overexertion of the back of the baby,that he was permanently placed in a walker. How many months can I use them? From 8, and only if not for long, and in the case when the baby is already well worth it without the help of parents and furniture. When a child does not move independently, he does not experience the joy of discovery and does not try to strive for something new. He loves less to just lie on the floor, he sometimes lazy to turn over himself. And more often the kid begins to just wait for him to be put in this device and he will "walk". In fact, this is really the easiest and most convenient way, but this does not mean that it is useful. Yes, what to say about children, if we often do this. For example, instead of going to the store on foot, which is much better, we go by car.

Walkers with how many months you can
How many months of walkers will not harm developmentchild? The 8-month-old baby, who often has them, completely ceases to develop the feeling of balance. A child who is given more opportunities to "test oneself" before starts to walk really. If you deprive the kid of the chance to gain experience, he can not develop harmoniously.

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