"Liquid Skin": reviews, applications, benefits

liquid skin reviews

More and more technology is being improved inthe modern world. Once a spoiled thing made of genuine leather, we had to throw out. It was not subject to restoration. Today, the time has changed dramatically, because we have "Liquid Skin". Yes, yes, do not be surprised. This is the name of the new remedy for repairs. You will be helped to understand the advantages of "Liquid Skin", reviews. For shoes it is an indispensable thing. But with her help you can give a second life and other leather products: raincoats, jackets, handbags.

What is "Liquid Skin"

As already mentioned above, this speciala remedy that is used for urgent repairs of things from the skin. It is used at home. The popularity is explained by the fact that it is able to remove even the deepest cuts and cracks from the surface.

Features of Liquid Skin

Initially, this drug was produced in the United States, andwas packaged in Russia. Today and in our country there are enterprises that produce these products. "Liquid skin" for shoes, as for other products, retains its properties in a huge temperature regime - from -35 degrees to +70 degrees. At this temperature, it does not increase its ductility and does not become brittle. Therefore, it can be used both in severe frost and in hot weather.

Product Benefits

"Liquid skin" (reviews indicate its effectiveness) has a number of advantages. Let's consider the main ones.

  1. liquid skin reviews for shoes
    It has excellent plasticity, so it does no harm to the products to be repaired.
  2. Has good strength. After application and full hardening, it is very difficult to scratch the restored place again.
  3. This material allows the products to restore the mold after any compression or creasing.
  4. Differs longevity. According to special studies conducted in Russia and America, the natural age of aging liquid skin is 35 years.
  5. Resistant to stretching and abrasion. That is why it can be used for repairing products even in places where the loads are maximum. For example, the armrests of an armchair, car seats.
  6. Ideally penetrates the skin, as it has similar characteristics. After the final drying, it becomes one with the restored surface.
  7. skin repair with liquid skin
    If you do something wrong, the situation is easycorrect. In the liquid state, it is easily washed off with a soap solution. But it should be remembered that after drying it will be very difficult to remove such a remedy as "Liquid Skin". Feedback indicates that this can only be done with the help of white spirit, a means for removing varnish or other non-aggressive household solvents.
  8. This product is absolutely safe. It does not contain harmful substances, it is made on a water basis with the addition of alcohol.
  9. Repair of the skin with "Liquid Skin" is quite simple. For this, you do not need heating or drying. Even a child can cope with such a fix.
  10. Unlike the proofreaders presentedpencils of the past generation, and other various putty, "Liquid Skin" not only eliminates scratches and abrasions, it also takes care of the product, increasing its service life.

How to use "Liquid Skin"

liquid skin for shoes

So, you decided to use the newfangled "Liquid Skin". Reviews say that the repair procedure is elementary. All you need to do is:

  • Clean the surface from contamination. It is not necessary to use gasoline, acetone and other aggressive agents for this. In a set with "Liquid Skin" are sold special sparing purifiers.
  • To choose from the offered gamut a suitable color. If you do not find the right shade, mix several. Only to start their color check on some inconspicuous area.
  • Apply with a brush or sponge "Liquid Skin".

Remove scrapes

"Liquid Skin" can be used not only forrepair of products, but also in order to give them a fresh, updated look. After all, quite often on the surface of the skin appear abrasions, which indicate a long period of operation. In such cases, you can also use this tool.

  • "Liquid skin" with a thin even layer is applied to the area of ​​the surface to be restored.
  • The treated area should be leveled with a dry sponge to give the skin a relief and make the recovered area invisible.
  • Wait until the skin has dried.
  • If the result did not suit you, you should apply one more layer and repeat the procedure in the same order.

Elimination of deep gaps and cuts

liquid skin price

Deep cuts are not an ordinary scratch. To eliminate them, you will have to exert a little more effort.

  • It is necessary to turn the product to be repaired inside-out.
  • Carefully join the edges of the fabric with an iron, a piece of leather and glue.
  • Glue the places of the incision using the glue "Moment".
  • The front side should be treated with the Liquid Skin. Reviews of knowledgeable people are advised to brush a small amount of the mixture into the junction and level it.
  • If necessary, repeat the procedure.

A few tips and rules

If you decide to use "Liquid Skin", you should remember.

  1. It can not be used to repair varnish, rough leather, reptile skin and textiles.
  2. It processes only local areas, but not the entire surface as a whole.
  3. "Liquid skin" is grabbed, especially in the open air, within half an hour, the solution is polymerized within 2 hours, but finally freezes only after a day.

It is very useful to you in the household means "liquid skin". The price for it is only 700 rubles, and calculate how much you can save on repairing the necessary products.

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