Liquid for electronic cigarettes Joyetech - variations and features

Fashion for smoking electronic cigarettes (or rather -steam, after all the person breathes steam, instead of a smoke) has appeared not so long ago, but today already quite often it is possible to meet people with such stylish gadget. The main consumable for wiping (hovering) is a liquid for electronic cigarettes. It is poured into a special cartridge, from which the composition is then fed into the atomizer, heated and converted into a fragrant vapor. And then a completely natural question arises: is this vapor differs greatly from tobacco smoke and is it really safer for the body? The answer will be positive, provided that you have chosen a proven manufacturer of e-cigarettes and liquids, for example, such as the world famous brand Joyetech. About him and his products and offer to talk further.

General view

Joyetech is a Chinese manufacturer,Present in the market since 2007 and to date has already managed to collect a whole army of fans. He is engaged in the manufacture of electronic cigarettes, accessories for them, as well as compounds for refueling. If you are just starting out your "career" as a viper, we recommend that you take note of this brand. Liquid for electronic cigarettes Joyetech there are different fortresses (with different contentsnicotine) and with different flavors, which will allow you to pass almost painlessly from smoking tobacco to steaming e-cigarettes, and then - and to more daring experiments with unusual flavors and flavors.

Liquid for electronic cigarettes Joyetech

Composition, packaging and features

Liquid for electronic cigarettes Joyetechis present in the company's product range since 2011. It is made of quality components: propylene glycol, glycerin, high purity nicotine, flavors, distilled water. The safety of these components is confirmed by international certificates, which must be indicated on the original packaging of liquids. Vipers in their reviews note the convenience of using 20- and 30-ml bottles with thin "spouts" for refilling cartridges. The manufacturer reports that it is best to use this liquid for electronic cigarettes it is the brand Joyetech, but with gadgets of other brands the compositions are also compatible.

A feature of Joyetech fluids is their morehigh viscosity (compared to other brands). Therefore, when hovering, they are perceived as stronger, which means that the substance is consumed more slowly.

Classification of the fortress

First of all, we note that in the line of Joyetech you will be able to find liquid for electronic cigarettes, both nicotine-containing and non-nicotine. All the formations for the fortress are divided into 5 groups:

  • None (0 mg / ml) - nicotine in their composition is not at all.
  • Light (4 mg / ml) is a small fraction of nicotine. Such a liquid for electronic cigarettes is usually chosen by those who have almost got rid of addiction.
  • Medium (6 mg / ml) - the average composition of the fortress.
  • High (9 mg / ml) - nicotine in such fluids is quite a lot, so they are most often chosen by heavy smokers who only know the basics of wiping.
  • Extra High (14 mg / ml) - very high contentnicotine. Liquids from this group usually have traditional tobacco flavors and are used mainly to create mixes based on sweet fruit formulations.

For every taste

Beginners vyperov usually attractstraditional, with the aroma of tobacco, liquid for electronic cigarettes. Buy the original composition with the taste and smell of popular cigarettes (Davidoff, Camel, Dunhill, Lucky Strike, Parliament, etc.) can be, for example, in the digital boutique

On the same area you will find a wide selection of fruit and berry flavors: pineapple, orange, watermelon, banana, grapes, melon, peach, kiwi, coconut, apple, etc.

Fans of the combination of "coffee + cigarette" will enjoy such compositions as "Coffee" and "Cappuccino".

Peppermint, chocolate, vanilla, energy - some more interesting aromas for those who appreciate diversity.

In general, Joyetech's liquid reviews deserve positive reviews. Viper appreciate the safety of the composition, the choice of a fortress and, of course, a wide range of flavors and flavors.

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