When does a child have birthmarks? What if the baby's birthmark is red or growing?

According to an old saying, a child whoa lot of birthmarks, be sure to be happy. Many believe that the location and number of these specks on the body can be used to judge the future of the person and his character.

when a child has birthmarks
However, the appearance of moles in children is often a cause of concern for parents. It is worth saying that the worry about whether these marks are safe is really not without sense.

Moles in newborns

Many are convinced that the spots on our body were with us at the time of birth. But this is not so. A very small number of babies at birth have them.

When does a child have birthmarks? These specks, which develop from the cells of the nevus, are transmitted by genetic means. Birthmarks can be congenital. They are popularly called birthmarks. Such a mole in a child grows with him. And this phenomenon is natural.

birth marks in children
The question of when a child has birthmarks,may sound incorrect. Nevus neonates may be well marked. It is possible that the baby is on the body and hardly visible spots. In the beginning, it's just a lighter area of ​​the skin.

birthmarks on the body of a child

You can see it with the naked eye. Over time, spots become dark. Parents see that there are birthmarks on the body of a child. Relate to this phenomenon in different ways. There are people who are proud of their grades of the genus, they are eagerly awaiting the appearance of the same speck of their baby.

Causes of nevus

Why does a child have birthmarks? There are several reasons for this. First of all birthmarks in children arise due to genetic predisposition. For example, one of the parents has the same dark spot located almost in the same place on the body. It is impossible to get rid of this phenomenon. Even if the birthmark does not adorn the baby, the operation to remove it should not be done. The probability of reappearance of the nevus is great.

When a child has birthmarks, you can put forward a hypothesis about the hormonal cause of this phenomenon. However, as a rule, this does not occur in infancy.

birthmark of a child is growing
One of the reasons for the appearance of moles is the ultraviolet rays. But the baby usually does not wear sunbathing on the beach. That is why the rays can not have a harmful effect.

Who most often have birthmarks at birth?

With a high degree of coincidence, it is possible to foresee in advance the presence of a congenital nevus in a baby. Most often birthmarks at birth are observed in the following cases:
- in fair-skinned children;
- in girls (four to five times more often than boys);
- in premature babies.

Nevus in the child

When do birthmarks appear in children? This process is individual. It depends on the maturation of the child, the time of his stay in the sun, as well as from genetics.

In the case when the first birthmarks of the pope orMom appeared late, then surely not sooner they will arise and their children. If a child has many moles, then most likely, a large number of these marks there and his parents.

Precautionary measures

In order for the child to be protected from educationnew birthmarks, it should be protected from exposure to sunlight. Do not let the baby burn in the sun. In the summer season, the head of the child must necessarily have a panama, and the open areas of the skin are protected with light clothing. Precautions must be taken before leaving home. To prevent the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays on the baby's skin, sunscreen should be applied. In the event that you took a child to the beach, it should be kept in the shade under an umbrella.

when there are birthmarks in children
When does a child have birthmarks? According to statistics, the first nevi can occur in babies already in one or two years. At this age, children travel with their parents to the country. They begin to take them to the beach. In this case, even a small stay in the sun, just a couple of hours, becomes a sufficient condition for the birth of a birthmark on the body. For the appearance of a nevus, there are enough daily walks in the park or on the street. Ultraviolet rays will do their job.

Do I need a specialist consultation?

If parents are scared by the child's appearancebirthmarks, you should consult a pediatrician or a dermatologist. The doctor will examine the neoplasm and determine if they represent a danger to the health of the baby. It is worth saying that malignant specks in infancy - an extremely rare phenomenon. However, it is important to monitor how the baby's mole grows, develops, how it manifests itself. You should pay attention to the reaction of the baby to this neoplasm, because nevi occur on those parts of the skin where the immune defense is significantly reduced, which is the reason for changing their color and size. At the same time, there is a high probability of inflammatory processes and even the degeneration of birthmarks. Given this fact, we can talk about the potential danger of even the most inconspicuous nevi. However, parents should not panic in advance. The likelihood that the baby's moles begin to reborn is extremely small. It does not depend on the number of newly formed spots, nor on whether they were present on the body of a newborn when it was born or not.

Kinds of moles

In medical practice, there is a certainclassification of nevi. There are birthmarks vascular and conventional. The first have certain differences in their structure. They consist of a large number of blood vessels. These are red moles in children. In this case, their color can have a different shade range - from pink to bright red. The appearance of such nevi can also be different. Red moles can be both convex and flat. They are benign, but are usually removed because of their unaesthetic appearance.

red moles in children
The second type of moles, which are classified as ordinary,characterized by a smooth surface of tumors. Such nevi have a color from light brown to black. Often they appear in the first years of life of the baby. In relation to skin integuments such moles can be both convex and flat. A good sign is the hair growing from the place where the nevus is located. Excitement should cause birthmarks, which have arisen on the soles of the feet or on the palms. The fact is that it is very easy to damage them.

Varieties of vascular birthmarks

These nevi are worth noting separately. They are classified into the following types:

- hemangiomas;
- birthmarks of salmon color, or, as they are also called, "bite of the stork";
- flaming nevi, or "wine spots".

Hemangiomas do not appear immediately. After the birth of the baby, it can take two to three weeks or even six to twelve months, when such a nevus becomes noticeable. It can appear anywhere on the body. At the same time, its dimensions increase rapidly. However, after the baby turns a year and a half, this speck usually turns pale and acquires a flesh color. Virtually all children have hemangiomas already by the age of ten.

Most often, children are "stork bite". These nevi appear, as a rule, in the nape of the neck, on the eyelids or on the bridge of the nose. In this case, such neoplasms have the appearance of a large pink patch or a cluster of small spots.

On the face or on the scalp may occurflaming nevus. It increases in size along with the growth of the child. With age, this spot does not disappear. It can not be removed. With a flaming nevus, a course of treatment is recommended, which can be performed with the help of laser therapy.

In the event that such a stain is not amenable totreatment, it can be tried to remove or disguise, using cosmetic means. Hide such a nevus under the tan is impossible. It will still acquire a darker color than the skin. Birthmarks should be carefully protected from sunlight.

Removal of nevi in ​​children

Examination of moles in patients should producequalified specialist. In this case, you can contact a dermatologist or an oncologist. Remove birthmarks in beauty parlors, especially in children, is strictly prohibited. Painless and well-heeled specialists from good clinics will help you to get rid of it.

To remove moles there is a laser. The radio wave method will help to remove them. The nevus can be simply cut out with a scalpel. The last way doctors consider the most reliable, safe and effective. And this despite the outwardly frightening actions.

why does a child have birthmarks?
The laser method seems to be the easiest. However, after it, a child may have a burn on the skin. That is why before the procedure is to weigh all the minuses and pluses of existing techniques and discuss them with your doctor. After the operation, the baby will need serious care and supervision from the doctor.

Indications for the removal of nevuses as in adults,so in children should be very serious. For aesthetic purposes, such operations are extremely rare, as the consequences can be very serious. That's why before removing the mole, you should see if it is injured by clothes or folds of the skin, or maybe it is on a thin stalk and is about to come off. Best of all, if such nevuses are removed in a timely manner.

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