The optimal size of the barbecue

It is not known who and when invented the brazier, and sowhether this is important. The main thing is that around this wonderful thing you can get together a friendly company and by all the rules of barbecue art to fry on charcoal aromatic, juicy, tasty meat.

dimensions of the barbecue
Shish kebab is not just food, it is, let it be brief,but a moment of return to nature. Is it because everyone loves this dish so much that the genetic memory lies in us the love of meat fried in coals? Perhaps this is the true philosophy of the shish kebab.

But today it's not about this, but about the braziers -universal adaptation, useful for those who love outdoor recreation. They are known to be stationary or portable. The first of them can be considered as capital buildings, rather complicated and expensive structures, but for the most part they look very decorative and provide maximum comfort. Dimensions of the barbecue in the case of a stationary version depend exclusively on the size of the plot and the design idea. The basic principles on which the design is based are simplicity, ease of use and safety, functionality and beauty. The oven can be additionally equipped with various devices that make the use of the design more comfortable.

What size should the brazier
Portable braziers can be used not onlyon the backyard, but also in other places: in the forest, on the river, etc. Usually all the components of such a mobile device are made removable so that it can easily be folded into a kind of suitcase. The dimensions of the barbecue should be optimal so that when folded, it easily fits into the trunk of the car. Structurally it is a rectangular metal box with legs, with handles on the sides. In the upper part of the side walls, grooves for the skewers are made, vent holes are provided in the bottom.

Mangals of industrial production are oftenare short-lived, and those that are of decent quality are usually expensive. Meanwhile, armed with some knowledge, you can make it yourself.

One of the important issues to be solved: "What size should the brazier be?" In this case, you need to take into account not only your perception of its proportions, but also some objective prerequisites.

The ideal size of the barbecue

So, the length of the brazier depends on the amountskewers, which can be placed on it simultaneously. You can make a brazier as long as you like, but experience suggests that you should not flatter yourself - it is difficult to keep track of more than ten shish kebabs. Therefore, focusing on this is the maximum number of shish kebabs, the length of the brazier is no more than 1 meter.

The ideal size of the barbecue width is determinedsimple, usually this figure is the same for all braziers and is also determined by an experimental method - 30 cm. It is quite enough to string 6-8 pieces of marinated meat on the skewer, and they will not touch the heated edges.

Dimensions of the barbecue include another parameter - the depth. There are not a lot of options, most users consider the correct figure of 20 cm, and this choice is justified by the optimal distance from meat to coals.

For the most part, the dimensions of the brazier are determined individually, but it is useful to take into account the recommendations tested by the experiment. The most important thing is the convenience and functionality in the process of operation.

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