York Chocolate Cat: description, photos and features of care

The York chocolate cat is artificialby way of. The breed appeared accidentally from ordinary pets. Its name is due to the locality where it was found for the first time. This very beautiful, charming and playful animal can become an ornament of any house.

york chocolate cat

History of the origin of the breed

For the first time kittens of this breed were born inNew York in 1983. Its creator was a simple resident of America, Janet Chifari. Her ordinary long-haired cat had a very unusual and beautiful kitten, which differed from its counterparts with a chocolate shade of wool. Ms. Janet was interested in this event, and she decided to cross her pets and bring out a new breed that would have a long coat and brown color.

The cat had kittens, one of which turned out to be the right color woman. Janet crossed the brown cats, resulting in a new breed called the York chocolate.

There is also an opinion that in crossingparticipated Persian and Siamese individuals. As for the spread, the cats of this breed can be found only in their homeland, in the USA. In other countries, their population is very small.

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York chocolate cat: description of appearance

A characteristic and, perhaps, the main sign andthe pride of this breed is its dark brown or lilac color, possibly a combination of various shades. In monophonic color, a white spot in the abdominal region is acceptable, in a combination white color is allowed on the muzzle, abdomen, chest, paws and collar.

Wool is silky, thin and long, presence in the neck of the toad or shirtlet is welcomed. There is a short undercoat.

In kittens up to 18 months, a tabby or tipping pattern may appear, which later disappears.

The York chocolate cat is an animalmedium size with an elongated, muscular and well-developed body. Head slightly tapered, with large, widely set pointed ears. The eyes of the Yorkers are oval in shape, green, brown or yellow. The muzzle is medium, with a slightly convex forehead and a rather developed chin. The neck is thin and long, perhaps the presence of a white patch, descending to the chest.

Limbs are medium, paws are small. The tail is thin and straight, covered with long hair.

The average weight of pets reaches 4-8 kg.

york chocolate cat description of appearance

The New York Chocolate Cat: Characteristics of the breed, according to owner reviews

These animals are endowed with a magnificent character,quickly become attached to people, which makes them wonderful pets for both single people and large families with children of different ages. The York chocolate cat reviews of the owners received the most good. She is distinguished by a kind, affectionate, sociable and playful disposition. Kitty is not averse to playing not only with all members of the family, but also with the guests. In addition, the Yorkshire kittens are very curious creatures who are interested in everything that happens in the house.

In relation to their masters, they are always gentle andaffectionate. Representatives of the York breed are completely alien to the anger and aggression towards the person, but they treat the stranger people with great restraint, even with caution. These animals are able to adapt quickly to new conditions, loneliness is poorly tolerated. The York chocolate cat is unpretentious in its content, for it the main thing is attention. Pets can get along well with other cats and even dogs. But it should be borne in mind that in the house where the Yorkshire cat lives, rodents, fish or birds are best not to start.

york chocolate cat care features

Maintenance and care

York chocolate cat features nursing carethe following. Since the wool of the representatives of this breed is long, thin and prone to the formation of coils, it must be regularly combed to remove the dead wool. To silk and shiny coat was always in excellent condition, it is desirable to perform this procedure every day or at least once or twice a week. Especially the brush should not be neglected during moult. The comb should be special, with elongated teeth, the tips of which do not injure the skin.

Otherwise, care is the same as for othersbreeds of cats. As necessary, a pet can be bathed using shampoos for long-haired cats. Although, in fact, the York chocolate cat - the creation of a clean, which is itself perfectly able to cope with hygienic procedures.

It is also necessary to monitor the cleanliness of the ears and eyes of the animal. If a cat does not walk on the street and does not claw its natural way, they must be cut once a month.

york chocolate cat breed characteristics


In eating, Yorkies are unpretentious, they can happilyuse any feed. However, it must be remembered that a poor and substandard product can cause urolithiasis, which will be difficult to cure, so you do not need to save too much on nutrition.

For feeding is good qualitybalanced dry or natural food (fermented milk and meat products, fish, boiled vegetables, cereals, vitamin supplements). The adult animal is fed twice a day. A sharp change in diet should be avoided. Do not forget about fresh drinking water.

york chocolate cat owner reviews

Health and possible medical problems

York chocolate cats are stronghealth and good immunity, and this is not surprising, since they have purely yard roots, and, as is known, according to statistics, yard animals rarely get sick. In the representatives of this breed there is no predisposition to hereditary diseases. Standard care is all that is necessary for well-being. The only thing is, this pet has a sensitive stomach that can not tolerate an unbalanced diet. They often have digestive and poisoning disorders.

Also, do not forget about vaccinations, deworming and visiting a veterinarian for a complete examination.


The York chocolate cat, whose photopresented in the article, is a fairly independent animal. She can spend time without unnecessary attention of a person. Strong attachment to people and obedience greatly facilitate the education of a chocolate pet. Yorkies are not hardy and easy to learn. They understand human intonation well and even some phrases and immediately perform everything.

The price of the rock

Professional breeders of the pedigreed kitten of the York chocolate cat can be purchased for 150-500 y. e. The price is influenced by the pedigree, class, standard and gender.

Yorkshire breed standards

  • Body of medium size, elongated.
  • Neck fluffy, medium or long.
  • The limbs are slender, long, with oval paws, there are bundles of wool between the fingers. Hind legs slightly longer than front.
  • The head is of medium size, round in shape. The muzzle is large, broad at the top, tapering to the nose.
  • The nose is straight and long.
  • Ears large enough, slightly pointed, widely spaced, protruding upward, slightly pubescent.
  • The wool on the muzzle and abdomen is of medium length, on the other parts of the body - long.
  • Color chocolate or dark brown. There are cats with white spots.
  • The tail is long and fluffy, tapering towards the end.
  • Eyes oval, large, slightly slanting. Color - green, brown or nut.
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