How to arrange travel folders for a kindergarten?

Designing information and ads that you needto convey to teachers, parents or children, in each educational institution occurs in different ways. Recently, you can often find moving folders, which are not only aesthetically attractive, but also convenient for reading, and for locating on them what is needed.

Their difference from the stands and corners lies in thehigh mobility and easy material replacement if necessary. However, there are several recommendations for making travel folders in kindergarten.

First, to begin with it is necessary to determine the subject matterand the purpose of the information to be drawn up. In addition, the age category is also important. So, for children need more colorful design, more pictures and pictures and a minimum of words. On the Internet there is a large number of already issued sheets on certain topics. However, you can make them yourself using specific programs. It is appropriate here to attach a few pictures of the children themselves (if they fit the topic). It will be interesting for both children and their parents.

In ready-made templates it is often possible to meet tooshallow or pale on a bright font background. You need to preview the material and correct it, if necessary, because, in most cases, the information that is contained here is important.

If a travel folder is made for a childgarden, it is important to pay attention to the material that will be on it. In addition to the fact that it must meet such requirements as conciseness, sequence of presentation, it should be accessible and understandable to the category it is intended for. It should not contain either stylistic or, especially, spelling mistakes. For parents, the themes about their children are quite interesting, including their achievements, crafts, drawings, so it's worthwhile to focus on this if the topic is appropriate. So, you can make an exhibition of drawings "On the rules of the road", while posting information on compliance with these rules and childcare.

The color scheme should be chosen fairlycarefully. It is recommended that all sheets be decorated in the same style, with the use of a single font (it is better to vary only the size and typeface of the font). You can also use a pass-through hero or motif that will be present on all pages with information. Making out the folder-moving, do not take too bright colors, which can distract and take away from the essence. However, both faded or gloomy tones will not be appropriate. The best option is to use one rich color and its shades.

Folders are very methodicalmaterial is also due to the fact that they can be exhibited in a variety of places (as opposed to stands or corners that are absolutely not mobile). At the same time, it is better to change the information here as often as possible, since in time even the most interesting material can get bored. In addition, this reflects the real work of teachers or the administration of the institution.

Folders-movers allow to be accessible and in the necessaryplace the necessary information and bring it to the parents or employees of the institution, while attaching minimal effort to registration. These manuals are quite relevant on topics related to the prevention of child injuries and traffic rules. In addition, the content of such folders depends on the institution itself and on what purpose is put to create this methodological manual. So, the main normative documents should be posted on stands (Charter, Convention on the Rights of the Child, laws and orders of various levels, etc.), since they are unchanged. Folders are needed for information that is updated, but which must be brought to the attention of certain persons.

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