Making a table on your child's birthday with your own hands

Any child just adores birthday. For a baby it is important that this holiday becomes bright and unforgettable. That is why the design of the table on a children's birthday plays an important role. And in this case, parents will have to put maximum imagination and ingenuity. After all, in addition to entertainment and entertainment events you need to think about how tasty, beautiful, and most importantly, it is useful to treat all the little guests of your child. Making a child's birthday table, the photo of which you will see in this article, is an important stage of preparation for such a special holiday. Let's talk about this in more detail.

Making a children's table for a birthday with their own hands

Celebration of children's name-day is always connected withfun and bright colors. On this day it is better to forget about boring or calm colors and traditional dishes. The children's world is filled with brightly colored colors.

table decoration on a children's birthday
But do not forget, nevertheless, that the bestoption will always adhere to a single style throughout the design. For today in shops it is possible to buy everything you like to best fulfill the design of the table on a children's birthday. Let's try to understand all the details and main points of this pleasant lesson.

The basis of a beautiful composition is a tablecloth

First of all, the table will need something to cover. Hide all the luxurious tablecloths for guests. Today they will not be useful to you. Firstly, for children they do not represent any interest, and secondly, they are likely to be spoiled at the end of the holiday. Consider several options for a suitable tablecloth. You can use cuts of fabrics of bright colors or variegated colors. You can even combine them with each other. The same goes for oilcloth. And if you can find an oilcloth with a picture of your favorite cartoon characters, then the happiness of children will not be the limit.

The original solution is to lay the tablepaper. Add to each instrument a pencil or a felt-tip pen and ask the guys to draw something directly on the tablecloth or write a wish to the birthday person near their plate if the children are older. This idea will surely appeal to small guests, and a paper tablecloth after the celebration can be torn to memorials. Excellent will use tablecloths, based on the theme and style of the holiday.

Picking up the dishes

Of course, the design of the table on the child's birthdaycan not do without utensils. And in this case they save disposable devices. In addition, the variety of subjects depicted on this tableware is impressive. You can pick up plates with your favorite fairy-tale and cartoon characters. Another huge advantage is that such dishes will not break, which means that children will not be injured by splinters.

 decorating a children's table for a birthday photo

Additional fun ideas

Do not neglect small, but bright or tastyadditional elements. For example, scattered color candy-dragee between the devices will certainly cause a storm of delight. Replace the vase with flowers in the center of the table for a bouquet of Chupa-Chups. Believe me, success is assured.

decoration of a festive table for a child's birthday
On the chairs you can attach balloons,inside which there is a surprise. When the guests will disperse, you can invite them to burst the ball and pick up its contents to commemorate the holiday. Also you can use interesting cards with names of children or napkin rings, decorated in a children's style. There are a lot of options.

Processing of food

It is better to offer the children the mosthabitual for them dishes. Simply design them more interesting than in normal life. An excellent solution will be snacks on skewers or tartlets. All kids love sandwiches. And if they are made in the form of bugs, muzzles or something else, then eating them will be more fun. A hot dish is enough for one. Very much it is pleasant to children colorful mashed potatoes. As a dye for it, vegetable juices are used. For example, beets, carrots and spinach.

decorating a children's table for a birthday with their own hands
Most of all babies like dessert. The decoration of the festive table for a child's birthday, of course, will not do without a cake. Since the cake itself is quite high in calories, the rest of the desserts are best served lighter. It can be a fruit salad, laid out in some great fruit. Or interestingly decorated jelly. And also pieces of fruit on skewers, if the guests are not too small. To stick these skewers is better, too, in some fruit. For example, a large apple or pear.

Beer decoration

Packages with juice on the table will not lookfestively. Use glass jugs. In transparent containers, the multi-colored juice itself will look interesting. And they can be decorated on the top edge with powder, sugar or pieces of fruit. Also made out and glasses, if you do not use plastic. In addition to all of the above, you can use decorative umbrellas and colorful or unusual shaped cocktail tubes.

The first anniversary: ​​the design of a children's table for the birthday

1 year is the first important date in the life of the baby. In this case, the design of the rest of the space is more important. After all, you will not be able to estimate a table for such a small child. But he will be pleased with the bright decoration of the room, balloons and the opportunity to be in the center of events. Therefore, you need to take care in advance that your baby and his little guests are comfortable and interesting. Here the most important thing is to organize the game zone competently. And orientate the table to adults. Thus, the design of the children's table for the first birthday is even slightly simpler than for all subsequent ones. The main thing - be stocked with napkins and dessert spoons for children. And of course, prepare a treat useful for the kids.

decorating a children's table for a birthday 1 year

Thus, you see that the design of the table onchildren's birthday is not particularly difficult. In conclusion, it is worth adding a few words about what it is better not to use when decorating the table for the kids. You do not have to light candles on the table. Kids are unlikely to appreciate such beauty, but the level of danger will increase. Do not place utensils that are easily broken or too expensive. Remove from the table sharp objects and small inedible jewelry. For the preparation of treats, use only useful products. By observing all these simple rules, you can organize an unforgettable birthday for your child.

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