Popular female names: how to name a newborn daughter?

Modern society has moved far enoughpractically from all existing ancient traditions. So there is no surprising tendency to choose the original names for your own children. Many are already difficult to imagine how someone can call a child Kolya, if he was born on St. Nicholas Day, or Any, if so call grandmother. They do not inspire parents either biblical or historical characters, however, like the world of art - music and cinema - does not have much influence. Now we are acquiring radically new traditions that directly affect which popular female names we give to our newborn girls.

Popular female names

Fashion trends or a whim?

Yes, modern names could at leastlead to aesthetic shock any great-grandmother, but how to argue with the younger generation? Fashionable moms believe: the more strange, the more interesting and better. Some take parts of the parents' names and call the newborn the resultant word. So there were women's names like Jufreysi and Arislandia. Many choose the original foreign variant, registering the baby with "unique" initials and, alas, not without errors. So we can confidently talk about abolishing censorship in this area. Let's figure out whether it is possible to single out the most popular female names in such confusion.

How to choose among them something that would be beautiful andoriginally sounded, but it made sense? When choosing a name for a girl, many parents also want it to blend well with the patronymic and determine a happy life path, if mom and dad believe that this can influence the future character.

What Statistics Mean

If you look at the statistics of bodies thatregister the newborn, this year the most popular female names are Sofia (Sofia), Maria (Marya), Daria, Anastasia, Victoria, Anna, Polina, Elizaveta, Varvara. I would like to dwell on the "traditional" popular names, because they have some energy and value, and most importantly, cause pleasant associations.

the most popular female names

Wise Sofia

This year, the Snake on the Chinese horoscopea special meaning takes the name of Sofia, because it means "wisdom" in translation. The girl who wears it does not remain in the shadows, will be able to solve problems quickly, because of what can quickly achieve success, for whatever it takes. In addition, a pleasant combination in the character of Sofia is the harmony of activity and phlegmatic.

Maria is like a classic

Considering popular female names, it is impossiblenot to mention Mary, although the biblical traditions and retreated now a couple of feet below before the newfangled trends. Such girls are always cheerful, sociable and a little careless. At the same time, they have a strong will and are able to make decisions clearly and without further deliberation, especially when it comes to the happiness of their family. Mary, among other things, are wonderful organizers.

Female names

Beautiful Anastasia

Also almost every year among the popularfemale names is Anastasia - "the one that brings to life." Nastia - balanced and calm people, adapt well to any situation, hardworking and persevering. In addition, many of Anastasia have a good intuition, because they are not afraid to trust the inner voice.

Some people think about the future name forchild, as soon as they learn about pregnancy, and someone chooses at the last moment, calling the baby after birth. And whatever name you choose for your daughter, it does not have to be popular and too pretentious, but - worthy of having meaning.

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