Water filtration systems for a cottage

Professional cleaning of water for a cottage is to eliminate dangerous mechanicalimpurities, deteriorating the quality of liquid and threatening the health of people. The formed deposits substantially pollute the pipeline systems, narrowing the working section and increasing the pressure in the network, leading to a simultaneous decrease in the volume of fluid passed per unit time. Formation of stagnant zones creates the prerequisites for the formation of corrosion, leading to breakage of the shut-off valves and control systems of the filtration and water supply devices.

Household filtration systems

Eliminate the prerequisites for the development of such aThe scenario will be assisted by modular wastewater treatment systems with backwashing, carried out in manual or automatic mode. Filters are mounted on a line of hot or cold water and are equipped with a standard set of structural and functional elements:

  • protective covers - mainly plastic;
  • brass head part;
  • connection modules.

Devices with manual washing

Modular design greatly simplifiesthe installation process, allowing the installation of equipment on pipelines located in the horizontal and vertical plane. Ensuring full-fledged work is achieved by flushing the filter with a return current of water that has been previously cleaned. The advantage of such systems is the manufacture of filter elements of their polymer materials reinforced by the reinforcement procedure.

Mechanisms with automatic flushing

A much more effective modular filtrationequipment with automatic washing, manufactured in different modifications. Manufacturers produce devices with timers giving a signal for washing in accordance with the programmed time interval. There are commercially available systems capable of activating the washing process with sudden pressure drops. Presence of the option, control of the efficiency of the filter washing process, will allow to increase the degree of control over the working process of the device. The user is able to connect such equipment to a centralized system, using potential-free contact for this purpose.

Having installed such filtration systems in a cottage, property owners can improve the quality of drinking water, preventing the deposition of mechanical impurities in the pipeline system.

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