Fixtures for a summer residence on solar batteries - the new invention for convenience of summer residents

Fixtures for a summer residence on solar batteriesrepresent a new word in country lighting. They do not need to connect the wires, do not expend expensive electricity, that is, they do not require such maintenance as conventional lanterns. However, it is worthwhile to consider the issue in more detail in order to understand what merits and demerits these lights can possess.

Fixtures for a summer residence on solar batteries
Such garden solar lights are bestInstall in places where it is not possible to stretch the electrical cable, but there is a need for diffuse light. It is appropriate to use them on alpine hills, on the surface of water bodies in the coastal zone of the pond, on the edge of the mixborder. These lanterns give very weak light, which does not prevent them from using them to get a wonderful decorative effect.

Solar garden lights can bemounted literally in a matter of minutes: you just need to stick a plastic pin into the ground. It is important to remember that in the shade they should not be placed, since the panel of the battery must necessarily get sunlight during the day, even if it's cloudy outside. That is why lighting fixtures for dachas on solar panels should be installed where foliage of garden plants will not obscure the sun. If from the path or from the porch in the dark can not see the diffuse pale flicker of the flashlight, you need to change its position.

Solar Street Lamps
Fixtures for a summer residence on solar batterieswork on a very simple principle. The accumulated charge of the solar battery with the onset of darkness will automatically turn on a diode lamp equipped with a mirror reflector. From a distance, these lamps are very similar to fireflies. The devices are equipped with nickel-cadmium batteries, capable of providing about a thousand charge-discharge cycles. Expensive models of lamps allow to receive illumination at full charge of the battery up to 10-12 hours. If the day was overcast, the flashlights do not burn so brightly and not so long.

Solar garden lights
It is important to understand that lighting fixtures for dachasSolar batteries should not be regarded as the main constant source of light. They are not able to illuminate in the most appropriate way the most important places in the garden, for example, a staircase, retaining wall or bridge near the pond. These devices are more decorative. At the moment, the range of such lamps is rather limited. They are mainly produced in the form of a gas torch, flowers, animals, a sphere. There are original models made in the form of soap bubbles, as well as beautiful floating lamps for giving on solar batteries. Transparent or matte floats, emitting light, look on the surface of water bodies fairly harmoniously, attractively and very unusual.

Using such simple devices aslamps, you can make your garden really beautiful and graceful. Fans of landscape design have long appreciated how spectacularly with them any corner of the garden at night.

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