Calculation of the number of radiator sections: order and rules

Maintaining a comfortable temperature and humidityThe regime in the premises is provided by centralized or individual heating systems. The main components that perform the role of heating elements are heating radiators. They are made of steel, cast iron or non-ferrous metals, can have a different design. Accurate calculation of the number of sections of radiators will achieve an optimal heat balance with a minimum of costs for the device and use of the system.

calculation of the number of radiator sections

The characteristics of heating appliances depend on thematerial, structure and surface area. The averaged indicators are determined by experience and are prescribed in the accompanying documentation. One of the best metals for making batteries is aluminum. You can calculate the sections of aluminum radiators using a special program.

Data for design work

At the stage of preparation of construction orThe reconstruction of the building is determined by its heat balance. The main indicator for the calculation is the size of the room. Advantage in descriptions and conversations ignorant in the question operate with the concepts of a heated area. It is more correct to calculate the number of sections of heating radiators on the volume of the room.

For accuracy in the calculation process, it is necessaryconsider a number of other parameters. This list should include such data as the number of windows, the presence of external walls and the state of the heat-insulating layer. In calculations this information has the form of special coefficients. Their value is determined by the relevant regulatory documents.

Traditional and modern techniques

The use of computers can significantlyaccelerate the calculation of the number of sections of radiators and perform calculations, not even a specialist. In practice, it looks like this: the necessary software is installed, data is entered into the corresponding windows, and the user gets the lost number of radiator sections from a given material at the output.

calculation of aluminum radiator sections

In calculations, you can use andonline calculators of sites dedicated to heating. They will need the same information as for the regular program. However, such services are mostly tied to certain products advertised by the site. However, this circumstance has little effect on the accuracy of calculations.

Features of innovative devices of heating

Manufacturers of equipment constantlyexperiment with different materials and their combinations. Good indicators for instruments made of two metals. Modern radiators of heating (bimetallic), calculation of sections of which were made using progressive techniques, show high energy efficiency. Their use in heating systems can reduce the cost of heating.

heating radiators bimetallic sections calculation

However, a qualified calculation of the number of sectionsradiators are still more accurate, and it is better to attract specialists to this issue. Their main difference from amateurs is the knowledge of details and nuances, on which often depends on the effective system.

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