What to consider when calculating a siding

The effective protection of the building from the cold isinsulation of external walls. Often, when insulating houses heat insulation material placed on the siding. Therefore, it must be included in the calculation of the siding. The need for external wall insulation is determined based on the thermal conductivity of the materials and climate used. Taking into account the customer's possibilities, the modern market provides a diverse choice of heat-insulating material.

Siding calculation

The final stage in the construction of buildingsis the decoration of the facade with facing materials. Facade mounting is a construction process associated with finishing the facades of buildings and structures. Before this, the costs associated with the materials, as well as the work, are calculated. When choosing a facade material, you need to determine the ratio of price and quality. If the finish is planned for high-quality wear-resistant material, such as wood or metal, then there is no big expense, although the price of components may not be high. Therefore, the choice of facade material should be approached responsibly, taking into account the characteristics of the external environment, which can adversely affect the structure of the material.

Calculating the siding at home

The modern market of building materialsoffers a wide range of siding. Depending on the underlying material, the price of the siding panels varies. Next, you need to calculate the components and accessories, fixtures. So, for example, the price for one fastening can reach up to seven cents.

Calculating the cost of mounting the siding, you can notforget about the payment of work. Professionals can perform preliminary measurements, calculation of the cost of siding and direct installation in a short time with a guarantee. The average cost depends on the type of material and is approximately thirty percent of the total.

Siding calculation is a painstaking business. This occupation requires certain knowledge and skills. If you decide to settle the siding at home, use the following method:

  • The surface to be cut is divided into elementary geometric figures - squares, triangles.
  • Calculate their area by simple formulas from geometry;
  • to the sum of the resulting areas add ten percent of the total (for adjustments and shortcomings).

Calculation of the cost of siding

When calculating the hardware, it must be remembered thatmany accessories are interchangeable, and the number of starting profiles and the finishing strip can be determined by measuring the length of the base of the house and adding ten percent of the total number of fasteners to the fit.

To simplify the calculation of the siding, it is desirabledraw a diagram of the building with an indication of all its areas. If you are having difficulties, you should contact the seller who will make a reasonable calculation of the siding, components and accessories with the resulting drawing. It would be correct to do this to those who will be engaged in the installation, in this case the installers take responsibility for the installation of the facade and the quality work. Successful repair to you!

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