Filters for water purification from the well: their choice and application.

At present (with absolutelyunsatisfactory environmental situation), many citizens often think about what they eat, drink and breathe. Since in the market the availability of demand generates supply, it is not surprising that there are many devices for cleaning, offered to customers. One of the first places is occupied by filters for water purification from the well. This is explained by the fact that these filters purify water from a variety of contaminants (insoluble heavy metals, chemicals), and also disinfect water from viruses and bacteria.

Filters for water purification from the well
Filters for water purification from the well arethe most important part of the well construction, the durability and quality of which depend on the correct choice of the type and size of the filter. The service life of this device with uninterrupted operation is 5 - 7 years.
stationary filters for water purification
The filters for water purification from the well areusually from elements such as a filtering (working) part, a settler and a superfilter tube. This unit delivers water to the well from the sand (the least is the resistance of the water inlet), and also prevents the collapse of the walls of the well.

During application, a blockage occursthe surface of the filter, since grains of sand settle on its inlet holes and get stuck in them. Also over time, this device is exposed to corrosion, inevitable is the precipitation of various chemicals, which are basically compounds such as iron, magnesium and calcium. These deposits cover the grid, resulting in a clogging of the distance between the pipe and the grid, and overlapping inlet openings. Because of this, it is necessary to periodically clean the wells and replace the filter elements.

To create a zone with greater water permeabilitystationary filters for water purification are usually covered with gravel dumps, which also provides an increase in the inlet openings and the presence of favorable conditions for the working process.

industrial filters for water treatment
When selecting these filtering systems, it is necessary to take into account the composition of the rocks in which they will be located:

  • for rocks prone to collapse, filters for water purification from the well are made of pipes that have holes and cracks;
  • for rocks of pebbles and gravel, these water treatment systems are made of pipes that are covered with a large mesh or have longitudinal slots;
  • For sand grades, industrial filters are usedfor purification of water with small brass nets, for the selection of which dry sand is sifted through them: a grid is suitable that allows 50% of the bulk material to pass through.

In order to determine the composition of the rocks, it is necessary to take a sample of the ground for the exploration when drilling a well.

To ensure a better choice and establishment of these wastewater treatment systems, one should turn to specialists in this type of activity.

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