Favorite drink of childhood: tomato juice, cooking at home

Tomato juice is one of the most healthy drinks,which must certainly be on our table all the year round. It is the most valuable source of vitamin C and other nutrients that are found in tomatoes. In addition, the juice can serve as a filling or the basis for the preparation of sauces, meat and vegetable dishes. Therefore, advice to landladies: try to stock them for the winter in large quantities!

Technology of preparation

tomato juice cooking at home
How to close tomato juice for the winter? Preparing it at home as well as any similar drink is associated with some nuances. First, peeled berries, fruits or vegetables should be chopped, passing through a meat grinder, or finely chopped with a knife. You can crush it with a wooden pestle. Too thick mass is usually diluted with boiled water: about 100 g per kilogram of product. But tomatoes are juicy vegetables, so you usually do not need to add water to tomato juice. Preparing it at home in the next stages is somewhat different from how other beverages are prepared from natural raw materials. It can be preserved with pulp, it does not filter through cheesecloth. Then the billet should be boiled for 35-40 minutes at a temperature of no higher than 45 degrees (on a small fire), stirring, removing the foam. After that, the liquid must be boiled, poured over the previously sterilized containers on the edge of the neck and rolled.

Ripe tomato juice according to the accelerated method

how to cook homemade tomato juice
Quickly and without hassle, you can close such a tomatojuice. Preparation at home is as follows: wash tomatoes, grind with a blender or through a meat grinder. Raw materials put in an enamel basin or a pan and cook, removing the foam, until it ceases to form. Then pour the juice into prepared heated half-liter and one-liter cans, sterilize 15-20 minutes and roll.

Tomato juice without skin

If you want to get a more gentle drinkconsistency, it is possible to weld tomato juice in this way. Preparation at home begins with the fact that washed tomatoes are poured hot water. When the peel burst, it needs to be removed. Then grind the vegetables and boil the resulting mass. At the next stage of how to prepare homemade tomato juice, cooked tomatoes wipe through a sieve, so that the beverage does not hit the grains. Strain the mass again in a saucepan and simmer, adding salt (for each liter of 1 teaspoonful) and, if you want, sugar to taste. Preparation time - 25 minutes. Heat the hot liquid over the jars and roll them up. Because the acid in the juice has its own, and preservatives in the form of salt and sugar you put, then the liquid should not ferment without additional pasteurization. But to hedge, warm up the jars in a water bath for about half an hour.

how to make tomato juice

Helpful Tips

Finally, a couple more tips on how tomake tomato juice, and not just it. After pasteurization of the container with a drink, do not get out of the water bath, but leave it there and cool. When you extract, do not take the banks immediately to the basement, let them stay at room temperature for a couple of weeks. Check periodically to see if the mold has appeared in the liquid. If everything is fine, then after 14 days, send your juice for long-term storage.

Drink it to your health!

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