"Field of Miracles": the best way to demonstrate intelligence

The TV program "Field of Miracles" is remembered by everyone- It looks and adults and children. It allows you to empathize with participants, test your knowledge, and some even become immediate heroes of the show. The program often asked provocative questions. For example, "is the best way to demonstrate this?". Do you know the answer?

the best way to demonstrate

History of the game

In 1990, the first issue of the program was released. Then Leastev was appointed the presenter, but almost exactly one year later Leonid Yakubovich became his favorite. And now, for almost twenty-seven years, he every Friday invites everyone to play with him in the "Field of Miracles".

The rules are quite simple. 3 people are invited to the studio. In three rounds they guess the words, rotating the drum. Sometimes they can drop interesting surprises and tips.

But this is not just a game. This is an intellectual game. An interesting question was: "What is the best way to demonstrate?" The answer to it is quite simple. Try your own forces. We give a hint - in the answer only 6 letters.

So that? Do you give up? The best way to demonstrate on the "Field of Miracles" is an example.

In the final of the game there is 1 participant who can agree to play a super-game and pick up a big prize, or leave those gifts that he has already managed to get and leave the winner home.

the best way to showcase a field of miracles

Requirements for participants

Perhaps you will be surprised, but there are no special requirements,because the best way to demonstrate something is to own an example. You can apply for participation and surprise your relatives and friends. To do this, it is enough to come up with an original crossword and send it along with the questionnaire to a specific address.

Your level of education, income, orlife. You can be either an ordinary worker at the factory or a director. This program is answered by interesting questions, such as "when a cat wag its tail, then what is the sign of what it might be?", "The best way to demonstrate", or "that can not ever be detected by aircraft radars."

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