How to amplify the modem signal 3g

Many users of 3g networks asked questions, for example: "how to amplify the 3g modem signal?". In this article I would like to answer this question.

To begin with, you need to understand why the speed of the Internet is very low. Problems can be different, but in fact everything rests on the signal level.

Due to the fact that this data networkworks at frequencies around 2 GHz, ideally the modem should be directed to the base station and be within its visibility. In this case, the speed will be maximum.

The situation in urban areas.

If you live in a city, then, of course, a directvisibility of the station is rare, and on the way are different buildings. As a result, the signal is reflected and refracted from them, and only then it reaches your modem. As a result - the loss of quality and speed.

The situation in rural areas.

You may think that due to the fact that in suchthere are no multi-storey buildings, the signal level should be very high. But no. In this situation, another problem arises. In the villages, the base stations are either absent or very far away. As a result, low speed or full absence of it.

Other problems.

Sometimes it happens that the 3G signal is full, anddownload speed is quite small. In this case, there are thoughts: "how to amplify the signal 3g modem and whether it is necessary at all?". The essence of the problem is that there is still such an important parameter as the network load. The more users are simultaneously connected to a certain station, the slower the data is transmitted.

How to strengthen the signal of the 3G modem.

There are different options for amplifying the 3G signal, butnot all of them can really help. The modem can be operated mechanically, or programmatically. But, in fact, all sorts of left-wing programs, supposedly to amplify the signal, can not help. Moreover, you, most likely, download any virus or something similar.

How to amplify the signal 3g modem own hands.

The most important thing is that the device does not existstuck in the back of the system unit, which is almost close to the wall. In this situation, the signal will be very weak. Therefore, it is desirable that the computer was not at the wall, or connect the modem in front.

You can amplify the signal using the USB extension cable. It is about 3-5 meters long. Using it, you can find a place where the speed will be better. It is desirable to place the modem closer to the window. That the reception indicators were the best.

It is worth noting that the extension cords are different. There are also about 1-2 meters in length. So the quality is very different. It can turn out that the signal will be even worse, since your cable does not have time to transfer data, or in general, it's USB 1.0. (The data transfer rate in 1.0 and 2.0 differs by tens of times.)

The amplification of the 3g signal of the modem can be realized with the help of a special 3G antenna, which is designed specifically for 3G networks, that is, it operates at the frequencies we need.

When buying such an antenna, you need to draw yourattention to a parameter such as the gain factor, as well as the radiation pattern. Please note that the higher the ratio, the already there will be a diagram.

If you purchased such a 3G antenna, then itsIt is necessary to establish with mind or wit, and not simply so. It is necessary to send it to the station, and not somewhere else. Secure it in such a way that the pins have a direction perpendicular to the Earth.

If you connect a 3G antenna to your modem,you will sufficiently increase the reception and data rate. An important point is the length of the cable. The longer it is, the worse the strengthening properties. Moreover, for the extension it is necessary to use only a high-quality cable, otherwise it will be of little use. If you spent on an antenna, then do not be sorry for the money and the cable.

I hope this article has helped you, and you were able to solve your problem with the speed of the Internet.

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