How to find out how much bit system is on a PC?

Question: "How to find out how much bit system is installed on a PC?" - occurs when installing new hardware or software. In the first case, you need to select the appropriate driver. It should be the same as the system software. If this is not done, then not only the installed equipment, but also other, older components may work incorrectly. In the second case, the situation is similar only with the difference that now it will be possible to fail not in the hardware, but in the software.

How can I know how much the bit system is?

What influences?

So, how to find out how much bit system you have onPC now? First, let's define what this parameter affects. First of all, this is the maximum amount of addressable RAM. For x32 systems, this value is slightly more than 3.5 GB. If you put more of this memory on a PC, then it simply can not see it, and therefore there will be no sense from it. Sometimes the abbreviation x86 is used instead of x32. This is not entirely fair. In this case, "x86" is the type of the architecture of the CPU. It was named after the last two characters of one of its first processors - 8086. In turn, if an x64-system is used, then the maximum addressable memory size in this case increases to 192 GB. The second important nuance is the number of bits of information that are processed per clock. As one can understand from the title, in the first case there are 32 of them, and in the second case 64. One more essential difference is obtained from this. The 64-bit system is capable of working with a 32-bit program. But on the contrary run the software does not work. All these nuances are important to consider when installing and configuring various components of the PC.

How to test a bit system?

Using the OS

Now let's look at how to determine how muchbit system on the software with built-in tools. For this we need the icon "My computer". And its location does not play a special role. Consider this operation using the shortcut example, which is located on the desktop. Mouse over the mouse and do a one-click on the right mouse button. In the list that opens, select Properties. In the "System Type" section, the information necessary for us on the software component will be indicated. This is the answer to how to determine how much the bit system is at the OS level. This method is perfect for all the latest operating systems from Microsoft.

Specialized software

How to determine the bit system?

Get the answer to the question how to find out how muchbit system is currently installed on the PC, you can use a small free program "CPU-Z". This software must be downloaded on the Internet. Then the program must be installed. In the opened window, go to the "CPU" tab. Here, in the field "Specification", and the answer to our question will be given. If the end is "x86", then this is a 32-bit architecture. But "x64" means that the system is capable of processing 64 bits per clock. This is the most universal way of knowing how much a bit system is. It is great for all the most common
OS to date. The downside of this solution is that the hardware characteristic of the CPU is determined. A case where a 32-bit OS is installed on a 64-bit processor is possible. Then it will give a distorted picture.


In this material, various methods are describedHow to check how much the bit system is. To obtain a comprehensive assessment, it is recommended that they be combined. This will give a complete picture of the computer's bit depth.

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