Toning: for dry, normal, oily skin (matting cream)

Rapidly developing fashion industry withpages of glossy magazines penetrated almost every house. And already very young girls, trying to look as stylish as the models in the pictures, put on their own face more and more cosmetics. In this article, we will try to make out in detail why a foundation is needed and how to apply it correctly.

The main task of any foundation is to make women's skin even more beautiful. What is the true value of foundation?

  • This cosmetic product is effectivemask both minor and significant skin imperfections. With foundation, you can make the skin color of the face even, remove the greasy sheen, moisten the dry skin, give it the desired matte shade (matting cream).
  • Modern correctly selected shades of a voice-frequency cream are capable to be adjusted even under your natural color of a skin.
  • Special components in the cream protect your skin from ultraviolet radiation. Such a foundation is marked with SPF marking.
  • With its help you can visually disguise not too deep wrinkles.
  • Toning means with lifting effect well tighten flabby skin.
  • With a foundation, it's easy to disguise even scaly skin.
  • The tonal cream protects the skin from the negative effects of wind, cold, snow.
  • Matting cream will help cope with various disadvantages inherent in oily skin, especially in the summer.

Choose a foundation for skin type

The choice of tonal remedy begins with the definition of the type of skin to which you are going to apply it.

Oily skin

A tonal agent (for example, a matting cream foroily skin) is very liquid, since it contains a lot of fine powder and a minimum of fat, the liquid substance is obtained due to a significant water content. Such products are sold in glass bottles or jars. Abundance of powder absorbs an excessive layer of sebum on the surface of the skin, and it remains smooth and silky for a long time. The liquid substance of cosmetics allows very thinly to put a layer of a voice-frequency cream, therefore she and is the best variant for a skin of fat type. If the composition of foundation for oily skin contains extracts of licorice root and quince seed, this is a real gift for your skin, which besides the tremendous cosmetic cleansing effect gets protection and additional nutrition. Matting cream is an ideal option for oily skin.

Dry skin

Cream for dry sensitive skincontain hyaluronic acid, fat and vitamins A, E. Hyaluronic acid provides long-term moisture retention in dry skin, and thanks to it your make-up does not dry out, does not crumble, is not covered with ugly cracks. Such cream can be applied to the skin in a thick layer and for the whole day "disguise" any flaws.

Normal Skin

For this type of skin is quite enough fluorescenttonal cosmetics, the so-called day cream with pigments. It does not burden the skin, giving it an even more even shade. In the summer, it may be necessary for the T-zone matting cream.

Inflamed skin

For problem skin, a foundation is madewith a significant content of powder and masking pigments. Such a tool is able to cover the skin with a dense layer and hide the most problematic places, which is especially important for shy teenagers. Acquiring a foundation for the sick skin, choose a product with microscopic particles of powder, antibacterial additives (for example, extract of philodendron), helping to heal comedones, acne and acne. Qualitative foundation cream accumulates near the pores, makes them invisible (lighter), evenly distributed over the surface of the face, which visually becomes fresh and tender.

Mature skin

A woman at any age wants to lookbeautiful. And if in his youth all hide pimples, then with age you have to mask wrinkles. For mature skin with wrinkles already manifested, a liquid foundation is best. It perfectly harmonizes the complexion, nourishes the skin throughout the day, while increasing its elasticity. Align the skin with the pigment from wheat protein and chitin contained in the foundation, enclosed in a wet shell capsule, which does not allow the pigments to settle in wrinkles. In some cases, owners of mature oily skin may also need a matting cream.

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