What does "Diamond" tattoo mean?

Do you like tattoo "Diamond"? Do you want to fill yourself with a drawing on your body, but do not know what it symbolizes? In this article we will tell you what is the significance of the tattoo "Almaz".

Awesome Stone

Diamond since ancient times was valued for its rarity,hardness and beauty. He is the most enduring and expensive stone in the whole world. A diamond is a faceted diamond. He became a companion of worthy people and luxury. Jewelers like it for playing light and noble shine. The stone shimmers in the light with all the colors of the rainbow.

Diamond tattoo: sketch and meaning

Such a pattern people began to apply to their bodyfor the unusual, noble properties of the stone. If a person is filling a diamond tattoo, then this indicates a hardness of character, a high social status, courage, an outstanding willpower, possibly, as well as being inaccessible.

tattoo diamond

The symbolism of such a stone leads to a deepantiquity. It is believed that it was found in India in the fourth century BC. During the same period, people noticed its unusual hardness and at the same time crystal clearness. It is these qualities that a person emphasizes when doing a diamond tattoo.

It has long been believed that one who possesses such an amazing stone will be strong in battle, even in the worst. It is for this value that the tattoo "Almaz" is very fond of, and also often filled with men.

In ancient times, the Turks and Persians believed that, looking at thethis wonderful stone, you can get rid of irritability, fury, anguish, as well as gloomy thoughts. The play of his light can adjust to a positive and cheer up.

value of tattoo diamond

In India, it is believed that a diamond is a symbol of faith, permanence and infinity. Filling such a picture on the body, a person implies stability, as well as the stability of his goals in life.

In the Middle Ages there was an opinion that the stone has high protective properties. It was believed that he could protect his owner from poisoning. That's true or a lie, unfortunately, is unknown.

The meaning of such a picture is incrediblepower engineering of diamond. There is an ancient belief that the stone not only heals from illnesses, but also protects from spoilage, evil eye and various kinds of misfortunes, as well as deliberate evil.

There is a legend about how to use this very mineral to resist the devil. Satan can not bear the light that comes from the diamond. He is for him, like the radiance of a divine gaze.

Suitable not only for guys, but also for girls

diamond sketch tattoo

Due to the uniqueness and symbolism of thisa marvelous stone can be considered a truly worthy decoration for both the female and the male body. In addition to the fact that the diamond represents courage, indestructibility of will, firmness, that is, primordially masculine qualities, it also reflects the perfection of lines and forms, purity, innocence, that is, what can describe a beautiful feminine.

A small conclusion

Now you know what the "Diamond" tattoo means. The sketch of this stone looks good both in black and in color. You can do this on any part of the body. In this case, everything depends on your desire and pain threshold. Good choice!

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