Amazing sunglasses "cat's eye"

Sunglasses "cat's eye" have become popular yetduring the best years of Marilyn Monroe. And till now this type of frame remains in demand among the female sex all over the world. After all, every lady wants to emphasize her feminine image with the help of cat tenderness and cunning, is not it?


Most often girls in these glasses can be seen onbeach in bathing suits or strolling outdoors in casual clothes, as well as at a party in a certain way. And we can conclude that these are completely universal glasses that will suit almost everyone and everything. This model is suitable for those girls who very carefully follow the world trends. However, not even a fashion-conscious woman can say that sunglasses "cat's eye" for several decades remain a favorite choice of women of fashion or devoted fans of this model, as well as a universal accessory that is chosen by representatives of informal and classical styles at the same time.

sunglasses cat's eye

How can cat eyes look like?

This model has a skewed shape of the frame, thenthere are external corners of it have pointed ends that look in different directions, this is the most important distinguishing feature of any kind of "cat's eyes."

Still there are different variations of the frame of the giventype. For example, "drop" or "dragonfly", as well as "aviator." Points of this kind may differ in the colors of frames and lenses. For example, they are black, brown and white, ordinary colors. But there are also colorful colors, such as orange, blue, red and with an animal print. And some lenses, like those of RayBan, for example, can be framed with a spectacular horn frame that looks expensive and stylish. In general, only the upper arc emphasizes the most predatory look that many people dream about, but are afraid to try.

who go to the cat's eye glasses

This accessory is loved not only by women of fashiongenerations from the beginning of the creation of such frames, but also those who simply want to protect their eyes from the sun or dazzling snow. This option will look stylish and for those who have problems with eyesight, emphasizing a truly fashionable image with a frame for everyday wear. Also sunglasses "cat's eye" will not only protect the eyes from the ultraviolet rays, but also make the image mysterious, add some chic and imposing. Such models can be found in almost every optics or online store. The main thing is not to make a mistake with the size.

To whom are the cat's eye glasses coming?

This type of accessory is suitable for almost anyone.type of face and women of any age, both twenty-year-olds, 40-year-olds and even 60-year-olds. And especially suitable for girls with a diamond-shaped type of face, that is, with a pointed chin, as well as a high forehead and pronounced bright broad cheekbones. Even better will look sunglasses "cat's eye" on the narrow face. The only type that this model does not fit is this wide face with a few square shapes.

cat eye sunglasses

When you purchase this part for your image, style,wardrobe you need to choose the correct color of the frame and the lenses themselves. If the edging is chosen bright, then it will look pretty extravagant, and, most likely, these glasses will not fit into everyday images, they can not be worn with a suit of business style, for example. And the decoration, which will have a small diamond, of course, will allocate the girl from the general mass. But it is suitable for wearing only with a certain style of clothing. The combination should be appropriate. Well, black and brown frames are acquired by practical girls, those who match the desired and real and respect the classics of the genre. These glasses can be combined with any manner and style. They can be worn as a party, and on the beach, as discussed at the beginning of the article.

sunglasses cat's eyes

Clothes and stylish glasses

As for the selection of clothes that will fit"Cat's eyes," then you need to carefully think over every little thing. In general, the image should not be overloaded, given that sunglasses "cat eyes" and so already take a lot on themselves. These options look great with the style of the fifties. In general, with the one in which these sunglasses were invented. Cat Eye models are combined with clothes in the spirit of the seventies. And if you liked the vintage image, you can pick up the image of the thirties.

cat-eye shape glasses

Those girls who decided for themselves that glasses"Cat's eye" they definitely go, can safely complement the image of a head or neck with a light handkerchief with an interesting print. It is necessary to make up the lips with a bright scarlet color, collect the hair in a high hairstyle, or, as it became fashionable, make a lump with a bagel. In general, you need to submit or review movies with Marilyn Monroe, and then it becomes clear what to wear with this type of glasses.

women's sunglasses cat's eyes

Style retro and glasses in the form of "cat's eye"

To date, sunglasses "Cateyes "are considered to come from a retro style. And despite the fact that someone can call them obsolete, they are still at the very top of popularity. If you wear such glasses or things in a retro style, this does not mean that you got them from an old dusty cupboard. Such things and accessories can be easily combined with fashionable elements of clothing, novelties of the season, and it will look chic with correctly chosen colors.

A small conclusion

Points of the form "Cat's Eye" will attract fleeting glances, complement the image and stay in the wardrobe of stylish girls for a long time.

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