What glasses are suitable for an oval face? Opinion of specialists

Points should always match the style of a person. They are a very important accessory that makes the image unique. You have to take them very seriously. If something is done wrong, then you yourself will feel uncomfortable. Do not be afraid of experiments, because stylish glasses - this is half your success.

which glasses are suitable for an oval face

General Tips

Before you go to the store, betterfind websites on the Internet that sell similar accessories. So you can save time on walking around the shops and pay more attention to fitting. If you want to know what glasses are suitable for an oval face, experiment with styles.
Look at the different frames, measure the glassesdifferent forms and styles. Invite a man with you who follows fashionable novelties and does not hesitate to make a comment if something goes wrong. It will definitely help you cope with the obsession of some sellers. Take a photo of yourself in different glasses. Arriving home, calmly review all the pictures and decide on the purchase finally.

glasses for the oval face


Points for the oval face is not very suitabledifficult, because this form is considered ideal. In order for the balance between the lower and upper parts of the face to be preserved, it is worth choosing a frame that is equal to the width of the face or slightly out of its range. As for the form, it can be different. If you do not know which glasses are best for the oval face, then look at the rim of the cat's eye. It fits very few, but it looks stylish enough.

stylish glasses

We choose the form

Consider the fact that the eyes must bein the middle of the rim, so that your face does not look strange. If it's hard for you to decide what glasses are suitable for an oval face, look at the large and bright frames. However, you should not choose them for people with subtle features. Be sure to consider the eyebrow line. The glasses must repeat their bending line. Do not be afraid of width.
If they are too narrow for your face, then thiswill look ugly and pretty funny. Try to open your face with a wide rim. If you have a pear-shaped type of face, then this frame will also help balance the upper part of the face with the lower one.

Try to think about what glasses fitfor the oval face, three-dimensional. After all, people on the street will see you from different angles. So do not forget to look inside the frame. If its color is different from what is outside, the glasses will look very interesting.

Choose for yourself such an accessory thatwell will be in harmony with the color of your eyes and the tone of the skin. Blue-eyed should not buy glasses with blue glasses or frames. It is better to choose a dark brown that will marvelously shade the blue of the eyes. Do not limit yourself to neutral shades. The glasses, decorated in beige or silvery frames, are good for different people, but they will look very boring, and we want to be stylish and original in everything. So dare, the choice is yours!

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