Zaytsev Gennadiy Nikolaevich: biography, achievements and interesting facts

Zaitsev Gennady Nikolayevich - famousdomestic military. He has the title of Hero of the Soviet Union. He became famous for being the head of the special purpose group "Alpha". He served as deputy head of the Seventh Department of the KGB of the Soviet Union.

Military history

hares Gennady Nikolaevich

Zaitsev Gennady Nikolayevich was born in 1934. He was born in the village of Antybary, which is located in the Perm region. His father was an employee. He worked at a woodworking plant in Lyaminsk.

When the Great Patriotic War began, hiscalled to the army. At that time, the hero of our article was only 7 years old. After the victory over fascism, his father survived, but his life abruptly changed, and he did not return to the family. Gennady was brought up only by my mother. He had three brothers and sisters.

In 1948, Gennady Zaitsev graduated fromseven classes in Lyaminsk, where the family moved before the war after his father. He plans to enter the technical school at the Kama River Shipping Company, links his future destiny exclusively with the Perm Krai. But life has disposed differently.

His mother was seriously ill, so he had toimmediately go to make money. He got a job as an electrician. Previously, his father worked there as well. Soon he began to show himself vividly not only in labor, but also in public life. He became a member of the trade union committee, then he was elected secretary of the Komsomol organization.

Military service

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In 1953, Zaytsev Gennady Nikolaevichcall in the ranks of the armed forces of the Soviet Union. For three years he served in a separate special-purpose regiment under the command of the commandant of the Moscow Kremlin. He is in elite military units, receives qualified training.

Finishes the service in a separate officerbattalion. There he comes an ordinary shooter, receives the post of squad leader. After the expiry of his term of service, he refuses to be discharged into the reserve, deciding to link his fate with service in the army.

Work in the KGB

hares henna nikolaevich commander of the group alpha

In the service of the State Security CommitteeZaitsev was the result of the merger of the ninth department of the KGB with the Moscow Kremlin commandant's office. The latter was directly involved in the protection of the highest authorities of the Soviet state. So the hero of our article was distributed to a special department of the State Security Committee, which belonged to the Council of Ministers of the USSR.

At the same time, he continued to improve hiseducation. In 1966, he graduated from the KGB Higher School in absentia, which bears the name of one of the founders of this structure - Felix Dzerzhinsky. On the issue gets a specialty of a lawyer-lawyer.

In 1968 there is a new stage in his career. He is appointed head of the group during Operation "Danube".

Operation "Danube"

rabbits Gennady Nikolaevich Minister of Civil Aviation

Under this code name, the input was encryptedSoviet troops in Czechoslovakia in 1968. He led to the complete collapse of all reforms of the Prague Spring. The combined group of Soviet troops was commanded by Army General Ivan Pavlovsky.

This operation was quite specificThe political goal is the change of power in Czechoslovakia. The USSR needed a leader who would be loyal to the Soviets. Before the troops during the operation "Danube" was tasked to seize and retain strategically important facilities in the Czech capital. The KGB officers were to arrest the main local reformers.

After that, it was planned to hold an urgent plenumthe Czechoslovak Communist Party, as well as the session of the National Assembly. They had to officially replace the leadership of the country. Cyril Mazurov, member of the Politburo, was responsible for the political part of the operation.

The international community reacted negatively to the invasion of the USSR into the territory of a sovereign state. In the Soviet Union itself, the intelligentsia protested against such actions of the leadership.

The founding of the group "Alpha"

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The anti-terrorist group "A" was established in1974 by personal order of the incumbent KGB chairman Yuri Andropov. It is interesting that in official documents this division is still called simply "A". The designation "Alpha" was invented by journalists, eventually it has taken root.

In November 1977, Zaytsev Gennady Nikolaevich - commander of the group "Alpha". One of his first tasks was the development of the anti-terrorist plan "Nabat".

In this post the hero of our article directedseveral important special operations. For example, to free hostages and eliminate dangerous criminals and terrorists. Thus, the Alpha group under his command liquidated threats at the American Embassy in Moscow, in Soviet cities, in which disturbances arose periodically in the 1980s. This is Sarapul, located in the Udmurtian SSR, Tbilisi, Ufa, Mineralnye Vody.

Business trips abroad

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Zaitsev Gennady Nikolayevich in the "Alpha" did not serveone year. In 1978, he was sent to Cuba, where he led a group of combat swimmers of the Black Sea Navy. Their duties included ensuring the safety of Soviet submarine vessels. Immediately at that time it was "Leonid Sobinov" and "Georgia". Delegates of the eleventh World Festival of Students and Youth were accommodated there.

In 1979, Gennady Nikolayevich Zaitsev, commandergroup "Alpha", "Wikipedia" about this tells, arrived in the United States. He directed the operation at the New York airport for the exchange of two Soviet intelligence agents, Rudolf Chernyaev and Vladimir Enger, for five Soviet dissidents who had been specially brought from Moscow for this purpose.

An indicative successful operation under histhe leadership was held in the mid-80's. Zaytsev Gennady Nikolaevich the achievement of his own can be considered the exposure of twelve American spies who worked in the Soviet Union for the CIA. At the same time, they were all Soviet citizens.

Assignment of the title of Hero of the Soviet Union

Hero of the Soviet Union Hare Gennady Nikolaevich

The leadership noted the merits in 1986. Hero of the Soviet Union Zaitsev Gennady Nikolayevich received for the brilliant provision of state security, work in the interests of the Soviet Union. And also the courage and courage that were shown to him during the neutralization and capture of especially dangerous criminals.

He was also awarded the Gold Star medal and the Order of Lenin.

Participation in restructuring

It should be noted that the entire Alfa division played an important role in the restructuring. At this time, Zaitsev received the post of deputy head in the Seventh Department of the KGB of the USSR.

And after the collapse of the Soviet Union, he heads the operational search department of the Russian Ministry of Security.

In 1990, Zaitsev headed the special forces"Alfa" takes part in the elimination of the political crisis in the Azerbaijani SSR. He leads a separate detachment, which, in addition to the fighters of Alfa, includes representatives of the detachments Vityaz and Vympel. For two months (in January and February 1990), they are carrying out a peacekeeping mission in Baku, trying to calm down the nationalist-minded sections of society.

In October 1993, Alfa and Zaitsev were already in Moscow. They are at the forefront during the dispersal of the Supreme Council of Russia, which actually served as the parliament, troops sworn loyalty to Yeltsin. At that time, the commanders of Alpha showed restraint, refusing to participate in the assault of the besieged.

Soon after, the management of the unitcardinally changes. In 1995, Major General Zaitsev Gennady Nikolaevich resigned. In civilian life, he is engaged in security business. Founds and heads his own security company called "Alfa-95".

Social activity

In the late 90's, the hero of our article begins activelyinvolve in community work. He is invited to join various councils and advisory bodies. For example, he is on the advisory board, working under the FSB of Russia. He is a member of the Coordinating Council Zaytsev Gennadiy Nikolaevich. The Minister of Civil Aviation listens to his opinion.

In 1999, he was elected to the leadership of the Associationveterans of the antiterrorist unit Alfa. Zaitsev is vice president. In the same year, it appears in the central committee of the all-Russian organization of trade unions, which includes employees of non-state security organizations. They are just firms that establish Zaitsev and other leaders of the Soviet special forces, who retired in the 1990s. These are private security companies, detective agencies, escort services for VIPs.

Zaytsev works in the expert council, whichadvises deputies of the State Duma. First of all, the security committee. In recent years, he received the symbolic title of Honorary Member of the regional public organization, which represents the Perm community - the land in which he was born.

In 2006, he received an offer to join thethe Federal Public Chamber. In 2007 he began his political career. In elections to the State Duma Zaitsev is running for one of the parliamentary parties - "Fair Russia". I try to win in a regional group in the Leningrad region. Initially, he actively conducts an election campaign, but then quickly loses interest in what is happening. As a result, he voluntarily withdraws from the list.

At the same time, it remains in the public councilparty "Fair Russia", which its main task is the fight against corruption. With his ideas, views and perceptions of life you can get acquainted in the book "Alpha is my destiny." In many respects it is biographical.

Hero's Awards

In addition to the title of hero of the Soviet Union, Gennady Zaitsev still has many important awards.

This is the Order of Lenin, the Order of the Red Banner, as well as the Order of the Red Banner of Labor. Main character Our article - the owner of two Orders of the Red Star. He is an honorary employee of the state security. Laureate of various domestic and international prizes.

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