Gennady Korban - the "gray cardinal" of Ukrainian politics

Everyone knows that modern politics and itsfigures - in some way a separate universe with its own laws and rules. There are no friends for life, and enemies sometimes can become partners in situ. Fortunately or unfortunately, a common man in the street is not allowed to know all the details of the relationship between members of political parties and forces. We do not even know all the actors at all. But there are so odious personalities that you should talk about separately. And one of such people is Gennady Korban.

Biographical information

One of the richest people of Ukraine of the daytoday was born on May 24, 1970 in the city of Dnepropetrovsk. Gennady Korban was born into a family of engineers working at the plant. According to its ethnic origin, the politician is a Jew. In the late 1980s, his relatives emigrated to Israel and got citizenship there, but after a while they returned to Dnepropetrovsk.

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Gennady Korban all his childhood spent in this city and in the same placegraduated from high school. After his graduation, he submitted documents to the Faculty of Philosophy of Rostov University, but in the end was not enlisted because of the lack of communists in the family. Gennady was forced to return to his homeland and begin training at the Metallurgical Institute, from which he later left and was drafted into the army. After retiring to the reserve, the young man entered the Moscow Literary Institute in 1990, but he had to give up his student life because of the beginning of active labor in the cooperative.

In the period 1994-1997 he passed an external training in the Dnepropetrovsk Mining Academy.

Beginning of the work path

Working in 1990-1991 on the Moscow Stock Exchange,Gennady Korban has gained invaluable experience in making money. Having poured a small starting capital (in the amount of 200 thousand dollars), he returns to Dnepropetrovsk and creates a brokerage office called "Ukraine", and he heads it.

In 1994, the businessman became the head of the supervisory board of Slavutich Capital. And since 2001, he heads the supervision of OAO Southern Mining and Processing Plant.

Since 2005, he is part of the supervisory board of Ukrnafta.

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Political activity

Korban Gennadiy Olegovich, whose biographyfull of events of a different nature, in March 2014 was appointed to the post of the head of the apparatus of the Dnepropetrovsk regional administration. At that time, the governor of the region was Igor Kolomoisky. After spending a year on this position, Korban goes to a new project called "Ukrainian Union of Patriots". It was UKROP who nominated Gennady for the elections to the Verkhovna Rada, which he eventually lost to Petro Poroshenko's representative. The entire election campaign was accompanied by a large number of scandals and intrigues.

In September 2015, Gennady Korban, whose photo is shown below, was nominated by UKROP as mayor of Kiev. However, here he did not succeed.

A hair's breadth from death

Korban Gennady Olegovich (his biographyinteresting enough for many) repeatedly experienced attempts on his life. So, in 2006 in Dnepropetrovsk his car was fired. The policy was lucky that he was absent in the car at the time. The executors and the organizer of the crime were eventually convicted, but the customer was never found.

gennady korban biography

The second attempt occurred in 2010. As a result, Korban was wounded. Also, his comrade-in-arms, Gennady Axelrod, was traumatized.

Financial opportunities

Gennady Korban, whose biography shows,as far as he is intelligent and active, according to the estimates of the experts of the publishing house Forbes-Ukraine has a fortune of $ 55 million. This indicator allowed him to take 84th position in the rating of 130 richest persons of the Ukrainian state.


On October 31, 2015, Korban was detained by himselfat home by the SBU and the Prosecutor General's Office. He was charged immediately with four articles. On the same day he was taken to the detention center of the city of Chernigov. In his apartment, thorough searches were carried out.

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On November 6, 2015, a decision was passed onhouse arrest of Gennady Olegovich. But three months later it was appealed by the prosecutor's office. On December 24, the policy was taken to Kiev and a forensic medical examination was conducted at the Institute of Cardiovascular Surgery. Eventually, on December 28, Korban was elected as a preventive measure for detention.

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