Arkhanthropus is a distant predecessor of modern man

Arhanthropus is the same as Homo erectus, thenthere is a fossil species of people who are considered the forerunners of modern man. By the level of evolutionary development, they are closer to humans than to the monkey, and represent the initial stage of anthropogenesis.

archanthropist is
Who are they?

Previously it was believed that the archanthropus is a species of manupright, extinct about 300,000 years ago. Today, scientists have found evidence of its existence 18 thousand years ago. Although the appearance of ancient people had much in common with monkeys, however, signs of an evolutionary process were already visible in it.

the ancient people of the archanthropes

Origin and geography of settlement

It is assumed that the archanthropist appeared inEast Africa about 2 million years ago. This species was common in the Old World, where there were several of its subspecies. Their skeletal remains were also found on the territory of Russia. In the Voronezh, Kaluga and some other areas, there are parking lots and tools that belonged to the ancient people - archanthropists. The geography of their resettlement also included Eastern and Central Siberia, the North Minus Basin and the Yenisei Valley.

the oldest people


The archanthropes were of average height (1.2-1.5 m), had a straight gait and an archaic skull structure with thickened walls, a low forehead and protruding superciliary arcs

The Evolution of Ancient Man

After the final separation from the australopithecinesFor a long time the archanthropines differed in appearance from the people of our time, although their biological evolution did not stop. Especially rapidly developed the brain, which contributed to a change in the shape of the skull. The rest of the skeleton evolved much more slowly. An intelligible speech was hindered by the underdevelopment of the voice apparatus of the most ancient people.

tools of labor of archanthropists


In addition, the archanthropus is an ancient man,which evolved not only physically. His tools of labor acquired in the course of time all new, more perfect forms. A typical tool of the oldest people is a manual cutter with a heavy cutting edge. In addition to the stone implements, they also made wooden spears. Their main occupations were hunting and gathering.

Archanthropus is an ancient man who couldbuild primitive dwellings. The remains of such huts were found in France (Terra-Amata stand). Climatic changes pushed archanthropists to look for new housing, often they lived in caves and rock grottoes. Clothes for them were animal skins, hunted. Scientists believe that these ancient people already knew how to extract and maintain fire.

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