How to deliver a man the pleasure correctly. Allowance for shy

how to give pleasure to a man
Love is a wonderful feeling thatgradually brings two people to love. Usually this feeling is accompanied by intimate relationships. In connection with which many girls are interested in the question of how to give pleasure to a man. Especially it concerns ladies of inexperienced and shy. So how do you do everything right and well, but so that shyness is not hurt? There are a couple of secrets that can be useful.

Well, firstly, do not be embarrassed by yourself. If it is difficult to overcome this, then the muffled light will help you. This will be an intimate twilight, and your shortcomings will not be noticeable. Secondly, every man wants to get a tigress to his bed. Do not overdo it, let the initiative is encouraged on both sides. How to give a man pleasure gradually? Erotic massage does not help here. More precisely, the wrong will not help. How to give a man a pleasure massage? Start it from the most erogenous point. From the penis. It will be brazen enough and unexpected, and most importantly, productive. Then go to kisses at other points. Hands (a gentle sucking of a finger is perceived as "hurray"), neck, ears and nipples (well, how lucky someone likes such caresses, someone does not).

how to please a beloved man

Thirdly, ask the man directly what hefrom you wants. Let him himself overcome his shyness and say how and where he likes caresses. If you are a desperate opponent of oral sex, then there are two options. Renounce and replace it with a petting. Unfortunately, such caresses are not always well received. How to give a man pleasure? Yes, mouth! It is worth remembering that the highest point of pleasure on the penis is the bridle. It is there that the greatest number of nerve endings. Influence on this point brings to men an inexpressible sensation. Do not forget about the testicles. Usually they are deprived of attention, but in vain. What is important? To be as gentle and neat as possible, the skin there is tender, you can make and hurt by accident. How to please your beloved? Do all that he asked. Love is trust. If you trust him, then there is nothing reprehensible in that sometimes obey the whims of the beloved.

sex how to bring a man pleasure
The preliminary caresses are usually sex. How to give a man pleasure, if time is short? Experiment with fast sex. If you warm up for a long time, have not even really started yet, and the man is already close to the finish, then you better play him up. Yes, it's not good to feign, but it's even worse with an insensitive log. Let him be a hero, even in his own eyes.

How to give a man pleasure? Try sex in unusual places. Adrenaline usually strengthens sensations. The main thing is not to overdo it, otherwise there may be embarrassment (a flummoxed young man may be powerless). Fitting room, toilet in the cafe, inconspicuous bush in the park, elevator. What is important? To be undetected. Sex in the car is also popular. But there is one condition: think poses in advance, otherwise it can be very, very uncomfortable. Pleasant sensations!

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