Greek Airlines Aegean Airlines (and more): description of the airline

Greece has long become a favorite vacation spotwealthy Russians. It is quite easy to get a visa there, the flight will be short-lived. A wonderful climate is accompanied by many historical and cultural attractions. Equally important is the European standard of service and accommodation. And if you have already acquired a Schengen visa to Greece, have solved the dilemma "the mainland of the country or the island", chose the resort and the hotel where you live, it would not hurt to think about buying air tickets.

Which carrier to choose? Of course, it is possible to support domestic airlines with their own blood. All-the-year-round to Athens carries out flights of Aeroflot. In summer, the liners "UTair", "Pegasus", S7 and others fly to the islands. But plunge into the atmosphere of the Mediterranean Hellas directly at the Russian airport will help Greek airlines. In this country there are a number of companies carrying out air transportation of passengers. We will examine in more detail here one of them. It is called - Aegean Airlines ("Aegean Airlines").

Greek Airlines

Air carriers in Greece: an overview

In this small country there are quite a fewairlines. Competition compels them all the time to improve the quality of passenger service. Greek airlines in the fight for the customer are constantly updating the fleet of aircraft, conduct a flexible system of discounts, attracted by favorable tariffs. The undisputed leader among the carriers is Aegean Airlines. It carries out flights to fifty two countries of the world and through the territory of its state, including the islands of Greece. Another major carrier, Aelian Airlance, is based in Athens. From the capital of Greece, he carries out charter flights to Europe and the Middle East. Between the countries of the former CIS and Greece, the company Ellineir supports the air service. Greek Airlines "Astra" reviews call a convenient way to get to Thessaloniki from Moscow (Domodedovo), Astrakhan, Arkhangelsk, Volgograd, Yekaterinburg and other Russian cities. "SkyExpress" delivers vacationers to the fabulous island of Crete.

Greek Airlines Aegean Airlines

Aegean Airlines

As you can see, the choice is quite large. Our list has not yet caught small airlines, which connect the islands and mainland Greece. As for the large carrier Aegean Airlines, this company was formed in the year nineteen ninety-nine. Different airlines put at the forefront a certain direction in service. Some have a service on board, others have flight safety, others have baggage allowances, etc. Greek Aegean Airlines combines all the positive qualities of other carrier companies. The emphasis is on safety of flights. But for this the company buys the newest, modern and at the same time tried liners. Their salons are roomy and very comfortable. The company pays much attention to the professionalism of the staff. And this applies not only to pilots, but also to technical staff and stewards.

Planes of Greek Airlines reviews

Aircraft fleet

Greek Airlines Aegean Airlines put inthe cornerstone of passenger safety. And this means that outdated, worn-out liners in flights are not used in principle. "Aegean Airlines" has the youngest air fleet not only among Greek carriers, but also throughout Southern Europe and the Balkans. The management of the company closely follows the novelties on the market. Now she has fifty eight ultramodern airliners at her disposal. From Russia to Greece fly comfortable airbuses models A320 and A321 to one hundred and sixty-eight and one hundred and ninety-five seats respectively. These salons are very comfortable, with wide chairs and normal aisles. The seatbacks recline, but do not interfere with other passengers. On the long-distance liners give tablets, on the middle show streaming video. Luggage luggage for hand luggage is very roomy.

Greek Airlines aster reviews

Where do carrier liners fly?

Greek Airlines cover with a dense networkall Europe and the Middle East. Passengers appreciate Aegean Airlines also for the fact that with their help you can reach anywhere in Greece. Even if the plane to Athens is delayed, the transit passengers traveling to Alexandroupolis, Heraklion, Kerkyra, Kavala, Kos, Mytilini, Mykonos, Thessaloniki, Rhodes, Tiru, ​​Samos, Hanju or Chios will fly to the flight. With the help of "Aegean Airlines" you can travel throughout Europe. The liners of this company fly to Stuttgart, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt am Main, Budapest, Munich, Milan, Sofia, Rome and other cities. Closer will be Egypt (Cairo, Alexandria), South Africa (Johannesburg) and the Middle East (Tel Aviv, Beirut, Abu Dhabi, etc.).


Many travelers praise airplanes Greekairlines. The reviews say they are new, safe, and the salons are clean and comfortable. A lot of praise was made to the food on board. One natural coffee from the car is worth it. And they make several types of drinks on request, including cappuccino. You can choose from a two-course menu. And you are wondering whether to submit everything at once or by meals, as in a restaurant. Stewardesses are very nice and considerate. Those who are chilly, give plaids. Cushions are provided for passengers on night flights.

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