Black Mamba (fat burner): reviews, composition, how to take

The modern market of sports nutrition offersa huge range of fat burners. Every athlete or just a person who wants to lose weight can choose a thermogenic, lipolytic or cortisol blocker - in a word, something that he likes. But among all the variety there are those drugs that have become classics of fat burning. They are among the favorite with many bodybuilders. Such complexes include Black Mamba - a fat burner from the American pharmaceutical company Innovative.

black mamba fat burner

What is Black Mamba?

This additive can be formally assigned tocategory of thermogenics. It is known that this type of sports nutrition has its effectiveness through a slight increase in body temperature. The body begins to use the available energy in its reserves. And it is stored, as a rule, in the form of significant accumulations of fats. Thermogenics are considered to be one of the most effective fat burners.

Many note that during the reception of the drugexcess weight begins to "melt" in just a few days - an effective combination of proportions is Black Mamba. The fat burner, however, acts not only due to the thermogenic mechanism. Neurostimulating additives, which are saturated with mass, increase concentration of attention. Substances that contribute to a decrease in appetite also enter the Black mamba. The fat burner (the composition of the additive is built taking into account the interaction of the components) in each capsule contains a strictly selected number of elements with different influences. But the main thing is the thermogenic effect.

black mamba fat burner reviews

The main active substances

Components that are included in each bundle,in themselves are effective fat burners. But in Black Mamba they are selected in a special combination, which gives a synergistic effect and helps to get rid of excess weight in the shortest possible time.


The main active substance in Black Mambais ephedrine, which is present in each capsule in an amount of 65 mg. Traditionally, this forbidden substance is obtained from the plant of ephedra. But in Black Mamba it was replaced by ephedrine of a similar action, which is of vegetable origin. It is part of a complex with tannins, phytosterol and other components. This combination is indicated in a composition called Corex.

It should be noted that ephedrine is a favorite additivemany athletes. The range of its action includes everything that is necessary for fast and effective weight loss. It promotes increased heart rate, better concentration, suppresses appetite, increases metabolism. This is the main element, which ensures quick results of Black Mamba. The fat burner, the reviews of which mainly testify to the effect of ephedrine, gained incredible popularity thanks to it.

Complex with yohimbine

The following components are yohimbine -extract of the plant yohimbe, synephrine - a substance derived from citrus and contributing to the production of adrenaline. In addition, this includes evodiamine - the extract of Wu Zhu Yu, used for centuries in China as a fat burner. Black Mamba has the properties of thermogenics, including due to this component.

Amino acids

The fat burner also contains amino acids: phenylalanine and beta-amino-ethylamine. These substances contribute to the enhanced production of endorphins. The athlete begins to get joy from training. It increases concentration, endurance. This complex is a catalyst in relation to other ingredients, which further accelerates the process of getting rid of excess fats.

Additional Items

They include caffeine in the amount of 200 mg, andalso extract of green tea. These components do not need to be discussed - they also represent one of the most famous fat-burning additives. Often used by those who want to lose weight, on their own. The effect of losing weight from green tea is due to the catechins and polyphenols contained in it - antioxidant substances. They successfully cope with the task of splitting fats. Caffeine has established itself as a particularly effective agent in aerobic exercise, but in the composition of Black Mamba its action is also combined with other ingredients.

black mamba fat burner how to take

Black Mamba features

The drug has a wide range of effects. Its main functions are as follows:

  • Has a neurostimulating effect.
  • Catalyzes the processes of fat splitting - lipolysis.
  • Significantly accelerates metabolism.
  • Promotes suppression of appetite - the body does not receive excess calories.
  • Increases the secretion of epinephrine and norepinephrine.
  • Increases endurance, working capacity.
  • Beneficial effect on the digestive system.

How does Black Mamba differ from other fat burners?

The drug stands out against the background of its "competitors":

  • Works even with small physical exertion. To see the effect, it is not necessary to spend three or four hours in the gym - this is the main convenience of Black Mamba. The fat burner operates in a fairly short time. The first results can be seen in a week.
  • Does not have a destructive effect on muscle tissue. His goal is only fat cells.
  • Versatility is another Black Mamba bonus. The fat burner for women and men is the same, because by its composition does not cause hormonal imbalance.

black mamba fat burner composition

Contraindications for use

If you decide to purchase this fat burner, you need to remember about a number of limitations:

  • It is forbidden to take alcohol, caffeine and products containing it, during the course of admission. Even light coffee and tea are excluded. In addition, any medications are banned.
  • You can not use Black Mamba at the same time as other fat burners.
  • The supplement is contraindicated for those suffering insomnia, diseases of the cardiovascular system, thyroid gland, liver and kidneys, pregnant and breast feeding women, minors.

black mamba fat burner for women

Additional tips

According to experienced athletes, to begin receptionThis fat burner should be extremely careful - the daily dose should not exceed one capsule. Further, in the absence of side effects, it is possible to increase the dosage to two pills per day. However, it is better to do this not earlier than a week after the start of reception of Black mamba. The fat burner - how to take it, you can also consult a doctor - it is necessary to supply the body in strict portions. According to consumers' reviews, the application is safe for health only if the dosage is observed and carefully monitored for body reactions. To avoid sleep disorders, you can take a fat burner only in the afternoon.

During the Black Mamba course, you need to drink enoughamount of water. Also recommended is an additional intake of vitamins and a varied diet. The organism, undergoing physical exertion, will need an increased intake of vitamins and trace elements. A complex of omega acids can serve as a good helper for a safeguard against exhaustion. As mentioned, before using Black Mamba, a doctor's recommendation is necessary. Medical consultation is needed, even if the bodybuilder has been approved by the fitness trainer for the reception of Black Mamba. The fat burner, which is confirmed by the degree of its effectiveness, consists of very potent substances.

black mamba fat burner for women reviews

The result of this drug, as well as from anyfat burning, manifested only in conjunction with daily workouts and diet. You can not immediately change the diet after taking Black Mamba. The fat burner for women, whose reviews often confirm this, is especially effective when dieting. The organism of girls very quickly postpones fats. But keeping a diet for both sexes even after taking any sports supplements is the key to preserving the result.

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