Set of masses

If you set a goal to pump up yourbody, then the mass set is your first and main task. Agree that your muscles will not increase in volume, if you do not gain weight. In this article, we will consider such issues as how to implement a set of dry muscle mass and what you need to do for this.

mass gathering

If you have a dense physique, then for you there are several rules that you must follow to achieve your goal.

First, eat right. The diet should include products containing the least amount of fats and carbohydrates. You need to combine power and aerobic loads. By the way, it is very important that the regime of your training does not change dramatically. To the correct diet should also go smoothly.

Do not rush to do all the exercises at once,count on your strength. Otherwise, you will only aggravate the situation and get injured. The set of mass includes the consumption of sports supplements. Here is a short list:

  • BCAA (amino acids, which are simply irreplaceable during training).

  • Protein (whey).

  • Complex with NO (eat before exercise).

  • A complex of minerals and vitamins.

  • The fat burner or L-carnitine.

Let's consider each product in particular, to understand why it is needed.


set of dry muscle mass
Is the main source of protein, or rather -this is the purest protein. From this additive you get the necessary amino acids for weight gain. Its advantage lies in the fact that it is well absorbed, and you just need to drink just one cocktail instead of eating several portions of ordinary food. This supplement is taken by most athletes, from bodybuilders to hockey players.

Of course, you can eat protein foods, for example, veal, chicken breasts, beef, etc. But their digestibility is much lower than protein.

Protein is of several types - animal and vegetable. Animal protein is of these types:

  • Casein,

  • Lactic,

  • Egg,

  • Whey.

To vegetable proteins, soy is included. It is perfect for sportsmen who are vegetarians who categorically refused to eat animal food.

Remember that protein directly affects mass gain. Take it fairly simply: in the morning for 50 minutes before training, and also after it in about 25 minutes.

BCAA Acids

This product is considered indispensable for recruitmentmasses. He is the best anti-catabolic, i.e. strengthens muscle fibers and prevents their decay. It consists of only 3 amino acids - valine, leucine, isoleucine. Moreover, these substances are not self-produced in the body, but are extremely important for him. BCAA is perfect for drying. The method of reception is slightly more complicated than that of the protein. It is necessary to consume 1 g of acid per 10 kg of your weight once a day immediately after training and approximately 35 minutes before it.

set of mass food


It is a form of gas that is needed to connect the cells inorganism between themselves. The body itself is able to produce this product, but for training it is not enough. You need to take NO before exercise on an empty stomach.

Fat burner and L-quarantine

From the name it is clear that the substance helps to burn excess fat. If there is not so much fat, then you can use L-quarantine. The dosage of the product is considered in each case individually.

Vitamin Complexes

The products are aimed at increasing the level of vitamins in the body and promoting health. It is especially important to consume vitamins together with fat burners.

Regular training will provide you with a set of mass. Food should include not only the use of supplements, but also a balanced diet.

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