How to make a fat burner with your own hands? The best recipes

Previously, such a notion as a fat burner was knownonly bodybuilders and sellers in sports nutrition stores. Such drugs were used during the so-called "drying", which was aimed at reducing the percentage of subcutaneous fat. Over time, fat burners became available for those who just want to lose weight. Popularity for this tool was provided by its sonorous name, already
promising excellent results. The only thing that scares off is the high price and
relative level of mistrust of the manufacturer. These reasons cause the slimming to look for cheap alternatives, for example, to create a fat burner with their own hands from the usual components.

fat burner by one's own hands

Use of medicinal substances

So how do you do this miracle remedy that will save you from extra pounds? In various sources, you can find the following recipes that are very popular:

  1. A mixture of thyreocomb, L-carnitine, yohimbine and green coffee.
  2. A mixture of yohimbine, cinephrine and caffeine.

Virtually all of these components can be purchased inpharmacy, but is it worth it to cook such a fat burner with your own hands, without first figuring out how each of the ingredients can affect your body, and what, in fact, is its effect?

the most powerful fat burner


Consider the first recipe in our list. The most harmless in the recipe is green coffee, it is now spoken at every step: they say, this is the best product for weight loss. In fact, any coffee contains tannins, but chlorogenic acid is only in unroasted grains, together they provide the splitting of fats and stimulate fat metabolism in general. There are practically no side effects, so you can apply it safely. L-carnitine is also safe, even its use in large quantities will not affect your health in any way. In fact, this component helps to transport fatty acids to a place in the body where they can easily be converted into energy.

a powerful fat burner
The other two components to whichtreat with care, will help to make a powerful fat burner yourself and at home. The first is yohimbine, a natural preparation derived from the bark of an African tree. Initially, he became known for his ability to restore and increase potency, but later scientists found that he is able to accelerate the consumption of stores of subcutaneous fat. Reception can cause headaches, nervous excitability and insomnia.


The most powerful ingredient in the first recipeis this particular drug. The fat burner, made on its own basis, becomes a powerful hormonal remedy for combating kilograms. However, it is worth considering all the side effects and features of this drug. As a hormone of the thyroid gland, thyreocombe can significantly affect its functioning. For example, with prolonged admission, the oppression of the functions of this very important organ may begin, eventually acquaintance with the endocrinologist will be inevitable. In addition, you may exhibit symptoms of thyrotoxicosis: arrhythmia, insomnia, diarrhea and heart palpitations. This fat burner is especially dangerous for women, you can very easily destroy your health with your own hands.

The second recipe

fat burner for women with their own hands

Next on our list is a mixture of cinephrine,caffeine and yohimbine. About the last we already know, caffeine, in principle, harmless, because we all drink coffee and understand that he gives us cheerfulness and keeps us in good shape.

But a component such as synephrine shouldcause anxiety, because his closest relative, ephedrine, is banned from spreading in many countries around the world. The main difference between these drugs is that synephrine will not have such strong side effects, even if you make a fat burner yourself. They act the same way, they strengthen lipid metabolism and splitting of fats and suppress appetite. It is for these qualities, in spite of the strong negative impact, that synephrine is valued. In combination with other ingredients, you can get an increase in blood pressure, indigestion and headache. Before using, it's best to make sure that you do not have intolerance to one of the components. But if you make this most powerful fat burner with your own hands, you will not only get an effective remedy, but also save considerably.


In pursuit of a harmonious body people are ready to drink anydrugs, without hesitation, what harm they can bring, and sometimes do not even guess that they are surrounded by the most ordinary products that have similar properties. For example, a drink made from apple cider vinegar and honey was drunk by Cleopatra herself after each meal in order to remain beautiful and slender. And ginger is known for its unique ability to increase the metabolic rate, and yet slow metabolism is sometimes the main problem of completeness. List of natural fat burners can be supplemented with red chili, cinnamon and
grapefruit. All these products are good not only for losing weight, but for health in general.

good fat burners for women


Prepare yourself a beauty cocktail: pour 3 grams of water ginger, chopped plates, cinnamon (preferably sticks), a couple of red apples and lemon zest to taste, boil everything for 5 minutes, strain, cool and add honey to taste. Leave to infuse at room temperature for about an hour and a half. Drink during the day instead of water or juice. Even if you just cook ginger tea, the effect will not take long. Just add the finely chopped root to the teapot with your favorite tea and enjoy the taste and benefit. Good fat burners for women and men can be prepared even from such a simple product as kefir. For one glass you will need half a teaspoon of cinnamon, red pepper and grated ginger (you can use powder), mix everything with kefir and drink for the night or after eating. The main thing - remember that no fat burners will not help you, if you will not be supported by proper nutrition and exercise, these are only auxiliary substances that accelerate the process of losing weight. But if you still prefer drugs to natural products, do not forget to carefully read the instructions for use.

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