Course of steroids for beginners

It has long been known that anabolic drugsalready several decades are used in sports for achievement of large and small victories. However, not every athlete knows how to use them correctly. In order to receive only benefit from training, the steroid course should meet a few simple rules that many athletes lose sight of. Another important aspect of taking these drugs is the power of their effects on the body. All without exception, anabolics fall under some gradation in several key indicators. The most significant of them is the ability to gain muscle mass, androgenicity and side effects. As a rule, all these factors are interrelated and the stronger this or that quality, the more pronounced are those or other "pobochki".

course of steroids

So, let's consider the basic rules for their reception. First, the course of steroids should be designed so that the dosages of the main active substances are minimal. With the right application, any newcomer in this business will get the maximum benefit, even seemingly from a small concentration of drugs. Another thing is when athletes intentionally or unknowingly consume too large doses initially and in the future they have to use even larger portions to constantly achieve new results. However, the higher the concentration of the active substance, the more pronounced side effects. For this reason, many athletes have to take many more concomitant supporting drugs.

second course of steroids

Secondly, the first course of steroids for mass, forforce or to increase the relief should consist mainly of "soft" substances. For example, bodybuilders are recommended to take such hormonal preparations as "Nandrolone decanoate", "Primobolan", "Turinabol", etc., after gaining their genetic threshold in development, for example. The dose of the first usually does not exceed 200-300 mg a week, the second - not more than 500 mg for the same period of time, and the last - about 30 mg per day.

Thirdly, the course of steroids with the use of morehard drugs should be postponed whenever possible, at a time when light drugs will no longer cope with the main task. It can be hormones such as testosterone, trenbolan, methandrostenolone, etc.

Fourthly, the second course of steroids shouldstart when the negative consequences of the former are eliminated, and when the achieved effect in development from the first has not yet left. Usually this period of time takes from a month to six months. The longer the duration of taking hormonal drugs, the longer the recovery. For this reason, many athletes generally do not make any breaks in their use, as long as their career continues. The latter, of course, do so at their own peril and risk, since no one guarantees them at the end of competitive activities the preservation of health.

rate of steroids per weight

Thus, a course of steroids for beginners shouldconsist of a single soft preparation in a small dosage. The main thing is to focus not on the use of anabolics, but on observing all the basic requirements for a dispute, for example, the training regimen, nutrition, rest, etc.

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