Vacuum massage from cellulite: reviews and description

vacuum massage from cellulite отзывы

On what only tricks do not go people, thirstylose weight and look just like the stars on the covers of fashion magazines. With the same tenacity they struggle with the "orange peel" on their hips. Everything is applied - from special brushes for the body and kneading and rubbing techniques to cosmetics. Among the most popular means is, of course, and vacuum massage from cellulite. Feedback about him testify that those who agreed to this procedure are satisfied with the result. What is it?

This is a specialized medical-cosmeticmassage, during which special equipment is used. Its purpose is getting rid of excess weight, treating cellulite, healing stagnant phenomena in the back and neck. Used in this vacuum contributes to a significant acceleration of tissue saturation with the oxygen they need, as well as the normalization of metabolism, the removal of edema, the removal of toxins and the improvement of lymph flow. Vacuum massage against cellulite increases the tone of the skin, removes the irritating "crust", makes the skin supple and elastic. Incidentally, this method is used not only to affect problem areas, but also to slow the aging of the whole organism, because the effect is not only on the skin, but also on all tissues, muscles and vessels, and also to work with problem areas of the face. The procedure stimulates the production of collagen and increases the protective functions of the skin.

vacuum massage against cellulite

Vacuum massage from cellulite, reviews about whichprove its effectiveness, it acts on the deepest deposits of adipose tissue, heals areas of the body that suffer from stagnant phenomena. You can do the procedure not only in the cabin, but at home, completely independently. It is carried out with the help of a special device or classic cans (it is better to buy a silicone jar, it is more elastic, firmer and softer, the massage will not be too aggressive). To achieve a noticeable result, you should follow a course of several sessions (ten to fifteen, every other day), each lasting ten minutes. The result will be the same as when visiting an expensive salon: blood circulation improves, muscle tissue is restored, swelling is removed, aging is slowed down, the strength of connective tissues is increased, unwanted deposits of fat are removed.

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Home vacuum massage from cellulite (reviews)testify that many women use it) is done in this way: first the problem zone needs to be grinded by hands, well massaged, warmed up. It is possible at the same time to apply anti-allergic oil (products containing aggressive components, like pepper, grapefruit and essential oils, it is better not to use). Then, in circular motions from the bottom up, you need to drive around the problem area with a vacuum can. It should be done fairly accurately, there should not be strong painful sensations. The procedure is done every other day, so in between you can pamper yourself with baths for relaxation by adding herbs or salt. By the way, about relaxation: manual or hardware vacuum massage from cellulite is also an excellent means for relaxation and getting rid of stress after stress, overwork or too intense physical exertion. This is just the case when side effects are very useful.

Vacuum massage from cellulite (reviews of itthere are only laudatory ones), nevertheless, not a panacea for those who want to get rid of excess weight and defects on the skin. It is necessary to constantly monitor your own diet, the regime of the day, engage in the hall or at home, constantly providing the body with physical activity. Only then will the desired result be achieved. In addition, it is not suitable for all. Among the contraindications - oncological diseases, varicose veins, chronic and acute inflammation, open wounds, thrombosis, pregnancy and lactation, as well as severe heart and vascular diseases.

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