The most beautiful biathlonist in Russia and the world

As in any sport, in biathlon takeparticipation of not only men, but also women. However, despite such a complex and time-consuming sport, each of the sportswomen tries to watch for themselves. How in any way, they are all women. Here are just who of them is the most beautiful biathlete, difficult to say. We offer you our selection of the brightest and most attractive sportswomen in Russia and the world, on the basis of which you can make your own choice and identify the most beautiful woman.

Beautiful and uncompromising Dorothea Vierer

the most beautiful biathlete

The most popular among most of the malethe audience quite deservedly is Italian Dorothea Vierer. This beauty was born, who mastered the profession of tax inspector, on April 3, 1990 in a small Italian city called Brunico.

She leads an active lifestyle and likes loudparties. Since recently, the girl has found her own family. And, of course, for her husband, she is the most beautiful biathlete in the whole world. To his joy, the wife has an almost perfect form of eyebrows, an attractive smile and beautiful eyes, in which every man drowns.

In the piggy bank athletes bronze medal,received during the Sochi Olympics, a couple of medals from the popular world championships. Italian is considered a real sex symbol, not only at home and in Europe, but even in Russia. By the way, the athlete, who is one of the top 10 most beautiful biathletes in the world, has repeatedly received an offer on marriage from wealthy Russians. However, her heart belongs to a single and beloved man who has been caring for her for a long time and seeking her attention.

What other biathletes joined the TOP-10

top 10 most beautiful biathletes in the world

In addition to Dorothea Vierer in the rating of the most beautiful biathletes in the world, you can include the following athletes:

  • Marie Doren-Aber (thirty-year-old beauty from France).
  • Gabriela Soukalov-Koukalova (twenty-seven-year-old Czech).
  • Miriam Gessner (twenty-six year old girl with German and Norwegian citizenship).
  • Paulina Fialkov (twenty-four-year-old resident of Slovakia).
  • Hope Skardino (thirty-two-year-old citizen of Belarus).
  • Karin Oberhofer (thirty-one-year-old Italian biathlete).
  • Magdalena Neuer (beauty from Germany).
  • Daria Domracheva (charming and accurate shooter from neighboring Belarus).
  • Svetlana Sleptsova (biathlete from Russia).

As you can see, we have a "team solianka" frombeautiful girls-sportswomen of the world. It's interesting that many of them sing out to Gabriela Sukalova, who last year married badmintonist Petr Koukalov. Now this is a double surname, the sportswoman's fans admit, it will be difficult to pronounce even professional commentators.

most beautiful biathletes in russia photo

Who else could be entered in the list

Despite the fact that Panayota Tsakiri did not get into this rating, this does not mean that she is not the most beautiful biathlete. On the contrary, the spectacular appearance of the Greekathletes can envy any model from the cover of a glossy magazine. Long dark hair, delightful tanned skin and piercing eyes make this beauty the main pretender to the first place in the future ranking of the most beautiful athletes of the world.

the most beautiful Russian biathlonist

Another girl that can be included in the topthe most beautiful girls on the planet, is an athlete from Estonia - Grete Heym. This charming blonde is famous not only for her attractive external data, but also for her flawless results in her main activity. As it turned out, Greta is one of the first and only biathletes in her country, who managed to achieve such high results in sports.

The best, according to some men, isGerman athlete Catherine Apel. This wonderful girl began her career with ski racing. And although she's a biathlete in the past, the size of her fan club is still impressive.

Other athletes who could be added to the list

Among the above beauties for sure there isplace to Kazakhstani biathlonist Daria Usanova, as well as promising Finnish actress Johanna Pikalyaynen, charming Theresia Polyakova from Slovakia and the defector Nadezhda Pisareva. This girl was previously a representative of the Russian national team, and then received a more interesting proposal and began to represent Belarus. It is interesting that the sportswoman not so long ago made a counter offer to return to the Russian team. However, the girl refused without hesitation. According to her, it would be dishonest and unsporting.

Some would add here twenty-sixEva Puskachikova is an athlete from the Czech national team. This girl has always been particularly sharp and excellent external data. Initially, she began her career with skiing. But later her heart won biathlon. In addition, the blonde admits, she feels a certain dislike for height and speed.

 rating of the most beautiful biathletes in the world

The most beautiful biathletes in Russia: photo

Despite the tremulous attitude of Russianspectators to foreign beauties, their attention is often riveted precisely to the native representatives of the fair sex. So, according to some fans of Russian biathlon, our athletes are no worse. And Slavic beauty is always and everywhere famous. So, who is she, the most beautiful Russian biathlonist?

Judging by the world rating, the mostattractive, according to many, is the Russian Svetlana Sleptsova. At the same time, almost all the fans of Sveta singled out her special natural beauty. Taking advantage of this advantage, the biathlete boldly poses in front of the cameras without any hint of cosmetics.

rating of the most beautiful biathletes

Other applicants for the title of the most beautiful Russian athlete

Among the contenders and those wishing to get into the rating of the most beautiful biathletes in Russia, the following athletes can be singled out:

  • Galina Nechkasova (the most miniature athlete in the Russian national biathlon team).
  • Ulyana Kaishev (owner of the beautiful model growth and appearance).
  • Olga Podchufarovu (champion among juniors).
  • Olga Shesterikova (a girl with impeccable hair and eyes).
  • Ekaterina Shumilova (30-year-old Russian and silver medal winner of the Sochi Olympics).
  • Anna Shcherbinin (former skier and just a beautiful girl with a charming smile).
  • Olga Yakushova (Galich) (effective and tiny blonde).
  • Olga Viluhina (two-time Olympic champion at the Olympics in Sochi).
  • Ekaterina Glazyrin (a girl in fine physical form).
  • Anna Nikulin (beautiful girl with the title "Miss smile biathlon").

Beauty, sportswoman and "Komsomol" Kristina Ilchenko

Another most beautiful biathlete, which should be included in our rating - ChristinaIlchenko. This Russian woman, who at one time was invited to compete for the national team of Belarus, is capable of shocking anyone. She has a bright and memorable, almost puppet appearance. On many photos, it works perfectly and resembles "Russian Barbie".

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