Fitball - what is it? How to practice on fitbole effectively?

As you know, sport prolongs life, so inNow there is a huge number of its varieties. In addition, a large number of all kinds of additional attributes are used in different modern sports directions. For example, fitball is one of the most popular gymnastic items, helping to maintain the necessary shape for millions of people around the world.

It's not a secret for anyone that doing sports inModern times are not only useful, but also quite fashionable. Today, in many places and at every corner there are special clubs and various bright posters that entice you for fitness, shaping, aerobics, yoga, oriental dances and fitball. It remains only to find free time for such leisure and to choose among a variety of different directions exactly what is most suitable.

Fitball - what is it?

At present, there are many exercises,in the performance of which it is necessary to use special gymnastic equipment in the form of a ball. In general, this occupation is a real science, the first time about which it became known back in the fifties of the last century. Then balls for fitness, or, as they are called today, fitballs, have become very popular not only in different gyms, but also at home.

Fitball what is it

First of all, they can be characterized asStrong balls with a large diameter. They are usually designed to perform various gymnastic exercises in order to form a correct posture, correct the figure, and also train the vestibular apparatus. The uniqueness of this subject is that, when used, there is no impact on the legs.

Pluses of employment on fitbole

Exercises on fitbole help with weight loss, thancause great popularity among people with overweight. In addition, this sports attribute is popular among those who have ankle and knee joint injuries and have varicose veins. Even today, fitball is very popular with pregnant women, as it perfectly helps to relieve the back and spine, the sacrum, joints that withstand a huge strain during this period.

Exercises on fitball
Fitball, whose reviews are quite extensive todayand have an exclusively positive character, largely helps people with joint diseases, obesity, and also problems with the spine. Thanks to such a ball it is possible to strengthen the heart muscle, raise the muscle tone in general and increase the elasticity and flexibility of the figure. What can you say, you can just cheer up.

Also fitball is very often used forbabies. After all, this object perfectly trains the vestibular apparatus, it provides all possible help in the case of gazikas, develops different muscle groups, and also plays a special important role in the psychological and emotional development of the child. At the same time, classes on a fitball with a baby can begin as early as two weeks of age.

Choice of fitball

One of the main factors for successfulfitball is the correct and competent choice of the ball. As a rule, its diameter is from forty-five to ninety-five centimeters. This value depends on the growth of a person. For example, for children five to ten years, the ball with a diameter of fifty-five centimeters is optimal, for adults with an increase of 1.6 m - 60 cm, from 1.6 m to 1.9 m - 75 cm, and more than this value , - 85 cm. In the process of choosing the size, it is also necessary to take into account that the angle between the thigh and the shin of the person sitting should be 95-100 degrees.

Classes in fitbole

The fitness ball must be equipped withspecial anti-disruptive security system. This is necessary in order to ensure, with an occasional rupture or cut, a slow deflation, but not a momentary sudden explosion.

To achieve optimal, worthy results,you need to correctly pick up the ball and classes on the fitball. After all, the quality of the result depends on this. The ball should not be too small or too large. In the selection process, you need to pay special attention to features such as weight and height of a person. Also quite a lot depends on the quality of the material that is used. Qualitative and good fitball for fitness can withstand quite large overloads, but shock loads for it are unacceptable.

Efficiency of training on the ball

Very effective in losing weight jumping on fitball. In order to perform this exercise, you need to sit on top of the ball and start vigorously on it. Thus it is necessary to try not to tear off the buttocks from it, and feet - from the floor. This exercise perfectly helps to strengthen and increase the muscles of the legs.

Then, sitting on fitbole, you can be taken forwaist region. Here you just need to raise your legs to the sides, while not taking your feet off the floor. Similarly, while sitting, you should perform a couple of corners in one direction, and then in the other. These turns should be tried as deep as possible.

In addition, fitball helps to give beauty andelasticity of gluteal muscles. To do this, lie on your back on the floor, bend your knees, and then put them on the gym ball. Then you should raise and lower the pelvic part, periodically straining the buttocks. It is very important to watch that fitball does not slip out.

Strengthen the press and eliminate all excess weightin the abdomen area it is possible with the help of twists. You need to lie on the floor, then bend your knees and put them on the ball. The body must come off the floor so that you can reach out to the opposite knee with your elbow, and then slowly return to its original state. Then repeat the exercise with the second hand and knee.

Ease of use

Quite often a gymnastic ball is used inAs a complement to various other exercises. Usually the press on the fitball is very popular. After all, it is a simple and convenient simulator, in a deflated state, which you can easily take with you to any place.

Fitbol reviews
Today, all people are divided into two maingroup. The first are well aware of the benefits of sports and various sports exercises, as well as regularly engaged in gymnastics, callanetics and remember about such a thing as fitball-aerobics. The second group of people just takes the very idea of ​​the sport very seriously or does not have the opportunity to visit different fitness clubs.

Despite this, fitball is verywidespread and popular now projectile. Doing with it not only improves well-being and strengthens muscle mass, but also significantly improves mood.

Popularity of colored balls

Because of what is so popular today fitball? What kind of projectile and how to deal with it with sports? The gymnastic ball has gained its great popularity because exercises with its application are not only for a special fitness program, but also for the basic complex that is used in this kind of gymnastics.

Classes on fitball with babies

Today, there are few adults,who never complained of pain in the lower back or in the spine. In such cases, the press on the fitball helps a lot, since such exercises have a special effect on the skeleton of the spine and the muscles of the back, and in addition, strengthen the tone of the whole body and the cardiovascular system. In other words, exercises with fitball help you to quickly achieve your goal and lose weight.

Interesting facts about flowers

An interesting fact is that a variety ofcolors affect the human body miraculously. According to scientists, the system of human organs is very sensitive to certain shades. Therefore, when choosing a ball it is important to purchase just such a fitball, which is optimal for a specific person at the moment. For example, green has a unique ability to remove fatigue, blue calms the psyche, orange has a wonderful effect on the functionality of the kidneys, the red shade improves immunity, yellow is suitable for prevention and control of depression.

Help fitbola in the recovery of the body

In addition, that such gymnastic ballsbring a sense of strength, very effective fitball after childbirth. This sport also allows a person to be proud that he has overcome one more step in the process of achieving harmony and has become better and more beautiful.

Press on fitball
To date, many people do not regretmoney, no time for fitball. Reviews about this kind of sport are numerous. After all, it really helps in many pressing problems. It would seem that this is just a huge ball, but it significantly strengthens muscles, removes stooped back and coaches coordination. But the main plus from its use is that you can perform all the necessary exercises not only in the gym, but at home.

The very word "fitball" consists of two components- recovery ("fit") and the ball ("bol"). This gymnastic ball serves as a simple and effective simulator that can perfectly solve all the health problems for a particular family. This Swiss invention is spread around the world today. It is used with great success in the correction of the figure, the formation of posture and at the same time excellently raises the mood. A rare fitness club does not have such exercises in the schedule, and it's not uncommon to practice fitball with a baby.

A bit of history

The notion of "fitball" was created in the fiftiestwentieth century doctor Susan Klein-Vogelbach. Originally this device was used for exercises with people with cerebral palsy. The resulting effect from such activities was astounding. Therefore, these gymnastics balls were recommended as shells for restorative therapy for people who have spinal injuries and musculoskeletal system.

For the very first time, as was said above, fitballbegan to be used for medical and preventive purposes in Switzerland. It is made of a special plastic material, bending under the weight of the body. At the same time, when exercises were performed on such balls, people who had some problems with the spine or any injuries not only could regain the long-awaited ability to move, but also acquired the same flexibility and mobility in the joints.

Fitball aerobics

After a while, exercises on fitballhave gained special popularity, now it is used both in rehabilitation and in fitness complexes. It is interesting that the employment of such an interesting sport absolutely does not have any contra-indications, and also all people, and even pregnant women, can approach.

Aerobics with the use of fitbols of variousmagnitude is also very exciting. Large light balls not only help maintain health, but also create a cheerful atmosphere when a person springs and bounces on the ball, tosses and catches it. Therefore, the lessons are emotional and vivid.

As in other types of aerobics, in the practice of fitballincluded numerous exercises, including power (development of muscle strength), dynamic (improving coordination) and increasing overall endurance of the body.

Operating principle

As a rule, sit on such an item as fitball(that it was mentioned above), it turns out exclusively with an even back, so such exercises contribute to better posture and are very useful for the spine. A surprising fact, but in some Scandinavian countries in schools, balls are used instead of chairs.

Thanks to the round shape of the ball increasesamplitude of movements, which increases efficiency and promotes high muscle stretching. Because of the constant fluctuations of the ball, the work of internal organs and systems, including the gastrointestinal tract, endocrine and nervous systems, is stimulated, and the instability of the device allows the muscles to remain in constant tension in order to maintain equilibrium.

Also, lessons on fitball contribute to the development of abilities for self-control. Therefore, quite often such exercises include special yoga programs.

Today, many are familiar with the concept of "fitball". What it is, even older people know, since they spend a lot of time doing such exciting sports with great pleasure. Until recently, fitball was perceived as some sort of exotic, and now has become one of the most popular fitness equipment. This popularity can easily be explained by a variety of reasons described above, among which, first of all, ease of development, no contra-indications, fascination and increased health-improving efficiency.

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