Proper breathing when running

Doing sports, you need to control not onlyhis body, but also breathing, because much depends on him. Proper breathing during running beneficially affects the body, significantly reducing the load on the cardiovascular system and increasing the supply of oxygen to all organs. As a result of such a correct operation of all body systems, the effect of the training process significantly increases. Improper breathing reduces training time and forces the body to work at the limit, taking away the last strength from the person.

Of course, everyone's breathing is individually, thereforecorrect breathing when running - this is a rather conventional concept. But all the same, the basic principles must be observed for the most complete use of the capabilities of your body.

Breath during warm-up

Without warm-ups, you can not start running, becauseit is easy to get injured by loading the cold muscles and tendons. Before running, be sure to perform special exercises for flexibility. The warm-up usually begins with inclines to the sides and back and forth, circular rotations by hands, stops, then squats, pelvis rotations, lunges and legs are performed. The correct breathing here is the exhalation on the tightening of the chest, and the inspiration when it is opened.

In almost all exercises for flexibility, breathing is done when the trunk is straightened, and when it tilts slightly forward. Exhale - at the end of the exercise.

In strength exercises, exhalation is done for effort. For example, pressing, you breathe in, when your arms bend and go down, and inhale at the most difficult moment - when you lift the body on your hands up. The most important thing here is not to hold your breath, otherwise there may be dizziness and even loss of consciousness due to oxygen starvation of the brain.

Proper breathing when running

It is very important to constantly check the accuracyand the depth of his breath during the run, because the need for body tissues in oxygen increases by several dozen times. The correct breathing technique for running is a guarantee of successful training and well-being. Irregular or too frequent breathing will only interfere with the management of your body and adversely affect the coordination of movements, while not simultaneously covering the body's need for sufficient oxygen supply.

During the run, you should try to breathe smoothly andmeasuredly, emphasizing exhalation. With a slow run, breathing in and out is done every three to four steps. If you can not breathe that way, you can reduce the number of steps to two or three. You will quickly learn how to keep the right rhythm if you listen to yourself.

Running fast, it is impossible to control breathing,no matter how hard you try. The body at this time needs a huge amount of oxygen, which is why breathing automatically increases significantly in order to compensate for the lack of oxygen needed by the organs.

So we dismantled the concept of "right breathingwhen running. "When practicing any kind of sport, you need to remember that you need to breathe through your nose, especially if the training is going on in the street.With nasal breathing, the air is well cleaned of microparticles, dust, and also heated.If breathing during the run goes through the mouth, then all harmful substances get directly into the bronchi and settle on the tonsils, the airway is supercooled, and this increases the risk of colds and infectious diseases.

In addition to special breathing and his techniques,There are also various exercises for the development of the diaphragm and the effective control of one's own breathing. A variety of respiratory systems, developed in our time, allow maximum use of all the capabilities of the body. Be sure to pay attention during training on breathing and try to control it.

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