Diet of Victoria Romanets: menu, recommendations and results

Do you know how Victoria Romanets lost weight? The diet on which she was sitting, you know? If not, we recommend that you read the article. We hope that the information contained in it will help you in the fight against excess kilograms.

The Victorian Diet

short biography

The Victoria Romanet diet will be declassified a littlelater. In the meantime, let's study her biography. Vika Romanets was born in January 1990 in the city of Donetsk (Ukraine). She was brought up in a wealthy family. Her father owns several hotels in the Crimea. When our heroine was 8 years old, my parents divorced. Soon my mother got married the second time. Vika had a younger sister, Antonina.

In September 2014, the burning brunette set offon the reality show "Dom-2". For a long time she built relations with Andrei Cherkasov. A couple of months ago, the couple broke up. Beauty could not meet a new love and left the project.

Photos of Victoria Roman

How it all began

The young man of Victoria liked her figure: lush breasts, rounded hips and small tummy. The girl herself was happy with all this. But her antifanates and ill-wishers thought differently. They regularly posted on the network photos of Victoria Romanets, on which the shortcomings of a brunette are visible (cellulitis on the legs, the second chin, a fold of fat on the abdomen). Initially, the participant of "Doma-2" did not attach much importance to this. However, similar antics of the detractors pushed the girl to lose weight. Its original parameters: height 170 cm, weight 68 kg.

On what diet sits Victoria Romanets

Our heroine never practiced starvation. She decided that now she would eat healthy meals in small portions.

Recommendations that the former participant of "Doma-2" adhered to:

  1. Most of the diet should be unsweetened fruits, vegetables, lean meats, greens, lean fish, as well as dairy products with a low percentage of fat.
  2. Under strict prohibition are salines, sweets, flour products and smoked delicacies.
  3. Number of meals - 4-5. In one portion, not more than 150-200 g.
  4. Full refusal of alcohol. The only thing that is allowed is a glass of white dry or red wine. And not more than once a week.
  5. Thoroughly chew food. To eat with a teaspoon.


Who said that losing weight always impliesmonotonous food and fresh dishes? Victoria's diet Romanets denies this information. Below are the recipes that the former participant of "Doma-2" used in the fight against obesity.

Seafood salad

Bought in the store shrimp clear of shells. A couple of fresh cucumbers and sweet peppers are washed with tap water, crushed. You also need to chop the cabbage. We put all this in a bowl. Sprinkle with olive oil and lemon juice. We decorate with chopped greens. It turns out a delicious and very useful salad for the figure.

Lenten soup

In a saucepan with boiling water, putcubes of potatoes and beets. After 10 minutes, add the chopped cabbage. While the soup is brewed, make a roast from grated carrots and chopped onions. Solim broth. 10 minutes before the end of cooking send the roast in a saucepan. Lenten soup is used in food without mayonnaise, sour cream and other dressings.

Baked apples

Take 2-3 ripe fruit (preferably greencolors). Rinse with water. We remove the core. In the resulting cavity we put the steamed raisins and ½ tsp of honey. Fill all the apples. Then we send them to the microwave. We choose the maximum temperature. The time of baking apples with sweet stuffing will be 7-8 minutes.


In just a few months Vika threw off 13 kg. From a gorgeous lady, she turned into a slender girl, confident in herself. Our heroine has greatly decreased in volume. In the waist and hips took 10-15 cm. The Roman had to go to the store urgently for a new wardrobe. But, you will agree, that these are pleasant troubles.

How to lose weight Victoria Romanet diet

Without sport, nowhere

The Victoria Romanet diet was voiced above. Surely you understand that a brunette could not achieve such results without sports. Being on the project, the girl attended a local gym. Every day Vika was engaged in 1-1.5 hours on an exercise bike. She also twisted the hoop, did exercises with an expander and a fitness ball.

After leaving "Dom-2", Romanets did not abandon sports. The native of Donetsk enrolled in one of the best fitness clubs in Moscow, where there are various simulators and a swimming pool.

Normal weight or anorexia?

Photos by Victoria Romanets indicate thatthe girl continues to lose weight. Fans of Vicki are concerned about her health condition. Its volumes are melting before our eyes. It seems that the former participant of "House-2" likes the updated figure. She is happy to wear jeans that tighten her slender legs.

On what diet sits Victoria Roman

Now its weight is approaching the mark of 50 kg. We remind you: the height of the girl is 170 cm. If you compare the above parameters and look in a special table, then you can note that this weight is below normal. While Vic all arranges. And talk about anorexia in this case is not necessary.


Victoria's Diet Romanet now you know. This girl has done a great job of transforming her appearance. She made the right choice in favor of a healthy diet and moderate exercise.

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