Cabbage Diet for Weight Loss

Cabbage has long been a permanent productour menu, this delicious and healthy vegetable we eat in raw, boiled and salted form, we fry it, stew, kvass and stove. As well as the ways of cooking, cabbage varieties are also diverse, such as white cabbage, broccoli, color, Brussels, Beijing ... The quantity of varieties, shapes and colors of this vegetable is amazing.

The main positive quality of cabbage isextremely rich vitamin-mineral composition. It contains almost all groups of vitamins, acids, mineral salts, protein, calcium and phosphorus. Due to its usefulness, cabbage is widely used as a medicinal plant, and also enters the menu of many diets. There is a cabbage diet for weight loss, which was developed at the end of the twentieth century for people who underwent surgery. But it turned out that this diet is also useful to people who want to lose extra pounds. Nutritionists even call cabbage a vegetable that has caloric content with a minus sign, because our body needs much more energy for processing cabbage than it will get by eating it.

Cabbage diet for weight loss has a lotvariations, and the most popular is a diet on cabbage soup or soup. The duration of such a diet is seven days, the break between such "cabbage weeks" should be at least two months, because with too frequent and prolonged use of the diet, there is a chance of developing side effects such as reduced concentration, weakness, fatigue, headaches and apathy .

The main ingredient of this diet is cabbage soup,prepared from 500 grams of white cabbage, 6 arrows of green onions, 100 grams of brown rice, 5 stalks of celery, 5 carrots, 2 peppers, 2 tomatoes and 6 onions.

Cooking method. Wash all the vegetables. Cut cabbage, carrots cut into cubes or straws, pepper - slices, onions - rings, celery - small pieces. With a tomato, peel, first scalding them with boiling water, chop. All vegetables put in a large container, pour them with water, bring to a boil, boil without a lid for several minutes. In another saucepan, boil the previously washed brown rice, close the lid, let it brew. In the almost ready cabbage broth for weight loss, add the infused rice, chopped onion and salt.

Products that include cabbage dietfor weight loss, can almost completely meet the human body's need for microelements and vitamins. In addition, brown rice is an excellent adsorbent, which easily removes toxins and toxins from our body.

During this diet, the use ofcabbage soup in unlimited quantities (more than you need, you still can not eat). Also, as an additional tool can be used freshly squeezed cabbage juice, for weight loss is simply irreplaceable, assimilated instantly and bringing into the body a mass of useful substances.

The main product of the diet is, of course, cabbage soup, in addition to it, the approximate menu of this includes:

  • the first day - any fruit, except for bananas;
  • the second day - any vegetables;
  • the third day - a mixture of any fruits and vegetables;
  • the fourth day - low-fat milk and bananas;
  • the fifth day - 500 grams of fish or any lean meat, tomatoes;
  • the sixth day - any lean meat and vegetables;
  • the seventh day - vegetables and fruit juice.

This version of the diet is fairly strict, but you can withstand it. To improve the effectiveness of this diet, like any other, moderate exercise is recommended.

Another very effective varietycabbage diets is a ten-day cabbage diet for weight loss, which in addition to getting rid of excess kilograms is also aimed at cleansing the intestines. The menu of this diet is fairly monotonous and is repeated every day.

Breakfast consists of coffee without sugar (you can use a substitute).

For dinner, a cabbage salad with one tablespoon of butter (unrefined vegetable) or cabbage soup. Once every two days, one more boiled egg is allowed to be eaten.

Dinner includes one of three options: 250 grams of lean fish, 250 grams of low-fat meat or 200 ml of kefir fat content of 1%.

Between meals you are allowed to consume cabbage inany quantities and green tea. Prohibited salt, sugar, flour products and alcohol. During a diet, you need to drink a sufficient amount of liquid, preferably if it is still mineral water.

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